1. He did it with the Red Sox and their watches, but the league office protects legacy teams

  2. Not into posting these idiots on more platforms, even as rage bait

  3. Why link this article though? It’s purely propagandist trash

  4. Man, I haven’t seen staged bs this upvoted here before

  5. The only success here is how cringey op is. If that’s the point, I get the attempt, but it still doesn’t belong here. Manufacturing cringe is just lonely and depressing.

  6. Big tech always puts forth 1-sided deals. It’s on YouTube. The fact that they’ve gotten away with it is why media sucks these days

  7. I also make fun of professional athletes for being worse than me at their sport when they lose championships. Cause obvious

  8. Classic Reddit making some dude more famous who I had no clue existed before. Not great roasting results

  9. The weirdest part is I know her husband before he married her and he was about as normal as normal gets …

  10. You know this person? That’s tough, sorry your friend ruined their own life.

  11. I fired a girl exactly like this. Didn’t do anything at work and then went on some rant about how much better she is that everyone there when fired.

  12. Why isn’t this post doing better? That’s actually insane

  13. Scum bag who helps kids believe that they’re scum bag ways are actually a good thing

  14. They’ll support sexualizing minors as long as it “owns” the orange man

  15. And almost all those rings have some kind of *. Most recently, Tampa lost to the Saints twice that years (handedly) but we lucky enough to see them again in the playoffs

  16. Cause it’s so standard for women, you don’t need to make a phrase for their standard way of being

  17. New age racism is so backwards it’s just awkward and cringe. It’s like someone screaming in your face that the sky is green.

  18. Whenever I’m asked how the Rockies can improve, I always say sell the team. Nothing will change till then.

  19. Probably either the Padres, Dodgers, or Yankees. I think when you spend that kind of money only to consistently fail in the playoffs, you’ve got a crap culture.

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