1. So the bus stop in my area that goes to a publically funded religious school and has five black kids there. The bus for the non religious school is all white kids (15 of them) in my area. Tell me why it's weird and use a sentence or two that includes their skin colour like above. Let's see how that sounds.

  2. I'm really not angry, but build up that strawman.

  3. It's always interesting as an Ontarian to see the new faces out west on CBC election coverage. No idea who any of these people are, but it's refreshing to see different faces.

  4. Well yeah. We've already got pushback (honest and otherwise) on the basis of housing. Which is something I saw coming when the housing crisis was still largely confined to TO and Van.

  5. I'm all for large immigration targets, unless said immigration targets are designed primarily to prop up boomers with massive HELOCs.

  6. Yeah well Gen Xers are the new boomers - edgier and grungier but just as entitled somehow.

  7. But wait - I've been told over and over again, in this very sub, that Housing is Provincial Jurisdiction and there's nothing Trudeau can do about it...

  8. "Nothing" is hyperbole and/or a strawman. But yes, the reality is that housing is primarily a provincial/municipal issue. Which part of this is confusing?

  9. So you're saying the Liberals could have been providing funding for housing for years, before we got into this mess?

  10. This guy gets $0.30 every time someone responds to him. Just ignore him.

  11. You're that shill that posted that thing awhile back referencing FINRA data to say there's no squeeze, aren't you?

  12. I told y'all the shills would be getting worse the closer we got to May 30. They're all over this thread.

  13. Gun control is the new abortion - trotted out when Liberals are polling poorly.

  14. I hope some actual information comes out about what allegedly happened. Because I can see in this very sensitive and factless world that a wiretap saying "MP Chong has family in Hong Kong. Please discover who they are as to keep local authorities informed to hopefully prevent any further international incidents" could be perceived as "Spy on and arrest Michael Chong's family."

  15. Housing isn't a federal issue. It's a provincial responsibility. It's really only a major problem in Toronto and Vancouver. A lot of millennials in the center-of-the-universe don't get this.

  16. This Foreign Interference in our elections and governance is unacceptable.

  17. A number of folks here were quoting the PM and Public Safety Minister yesterday to their words, saying they didn't know until this past Monday.

  18. Because you don't actually want PR. Anyone who knows anything about Canadian politics, which I assume you do because you're here, knows that implementing it in Canada at a federal level would be virtually impossible.

  19. Pretending to be an NDP supporter while undermining PR and trying to shutdown PR discussions in service of the Liberal agenda. So civilized.

  20. Nice find. You guys mind looking into the Canadian Bank data for Derivatives liabilities? I'm smart enough to know something is up, but not smart enough to figure out what it is.

  21. Shills are going to be in overdrive and getting worse the closer we get to May 30.

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