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  1. They didn't forget him in HA2, he got separated from his parents at the airport.

  2. Also shows how little the other kids cared about Kevin to not even notice he wasn't sitting with them in the back.

  3. It's towards the end of the first season when Fitz is in the hospital. Kevin says that was the happiest he's been was when him and his mom and dad followed insane clown posse on tour. It shows a pic of them all painted up.

  4. Ooh ok I'm gonna go watch it again and see if I can catch it ☺️ thanks homie ✌️

  5. Lol they are ugly as shit but I used to work for a car dealer and we had an Aztec we used to run errands with. I grew fond of it. Lol

  6. This makes me sick. I was just on a plane and there were so many people on it not wearing masks just coughing their head off.

  7. I'd have the killer going after family member of the original killers like the trailers implied. That's a waaaay better motive than the one we got. Revenge. And it would have been a good way to flip the script.

  8. No homo but I'd prob have fingers in my booty and a strawberry shake later that night.

  9. Look like a wrestling gimmick. Lol need a good name tho...

  10. Damn, I’ve been listening to it wrong forever. Whoop whoop

  11. Don't worry. I thought the same thing for the longest lol

  12. Not really into a lot of his music but I love his album circles. I had it on repeat for a while.

  13. Feel like Sony is helping out a lot of people. I don't know if they helped out the people who made evil west but it's combat and loot chest animations are straight up copies of God of war. Fun game tho.

  14. Yeah I’ve been really liking evil west. Combat is fun and story doesn’t take itself too serious. I’m

  15. Ya. I really enjoyed it. Felt like a ps3 Era game in the best way. I'd play another if they made a sequel.

  16. It's not that I don't have time I just don't like alot of games now a days. I play mostly single player games and there's maybe a handful that cone out a year that I want to play.

  17. That would make me get up and leave the place. If you can't pay your employees then your business shouldn't be in business.

  18. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1218334508/neck-cutter-short-sleeve-t-shirt?click_key=b6db7341f2878ba529a97fd1cc6d9ad53e0afcdb%3A1218334508&click_sum=9bef3a8b&ref=shop_home_active_6

  19. Celebration Station was the tits back in the late 90s.

  20. That's just the welcome wagon. We send that to welcome all foreigners. Lol

  21. He was always my fav when I was little but let's be real.....he was in the movie for 5 min and got his ass bitch slapped back to the pound pretty easily. He didn't seem like he was that tough. But...would be cool to have an origin of how he got in the mountain in the first place.

  22. I'm 37 now and traveling just exhausts me anymore. When I was in my 20s most of my vacations were to different music festivals across the country to I didn't ever really get to relax on them. Now that I'm older when we go somewhere I tell my wife that I've got about 4-5 good hours in me if we go do something then I want to come back and rest. I don't like going on vacations anymore where I'm constantly doing stuff and am even more tired when I get back. Granted I was in way better shape in my 20s but still....I think it's just the getting older thing and your body not being able to adapt like it used to.

  23. Doom 1 was worth that to me as a 10 year old. So...yes.

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