1. this is the book i recommend. the illustrations show the flow of one movement to the next until you return to the beginning pose.

  2. Thanks for that! Looks like the best suggestion I've had yet.

  3. Dexamfetamine (branded Adderall in soone countries) is only used routinely for ADHD in the US - in the UK it is a last resort drug for children and unlicenced for use in adults. In the rest of the world there is no shortage because nobody wants it. But of course the country with the world's biggest prescription drug death rate knows best.

  4. This seems to be America insisting the rest of the world changes for reasons that only make sense to them.

  5. So the therapy just makes you feel guilty when it doesn't work. Have you ever had an apology from your therapist for wasting your time and money?

  6. It's a Focalink (or Stein, or FengYa in different markets). It's reasonably good, just don't expect the subhole notes to be useful.

  7. If you're thinking in euros you don't want to buy from the US. Thomann, Gosselink, Pure Ocarinas, Menaglio, Posch - all in Europe.

  8. You might want to look at the Sufi accounts of Adam's fall - Chittick's book would be a start. Lucifer/Iblis is secondary to that I think.

  9. Nigel Tranter was probably the last Scottish writer to think this was a subject worth bothering with.

  10. Possibly a Sindt. Way better than a Dixon anyway.

  11. It's a cheap whistle made for tourists. It won't be designed for the low register to really work. Should be more or less usable in the second octave.

  12. In that condition, bugger all. They were printed in huge numbers.

  13. Pine nuts aren't nuts - how often do people allergic to tree nuts (angiosperm seeds) cross react to gymnosperms like conifers?

  14. Aren't true nuts, but do fall under the "tree nuts" requirements for allergen labeling

  15. Looks like the labelling laws where you are have got muddled then.

  16. There's a long riff on sqrt(-1) at the end of Musil's Young Torless, was Zamyatin alluding to that?

  17. Watch out, the score is written with an Alto clef for trombone

  18. Ok, that scrolled past before I spotted it. Still, F alto recorder will do it. Not quite beginner level but it'll sound good at that pitch.

  19. Definitely, it can. But the lower B flat is what I want :( the one that my tenor cannot reach

  20. You read the whole thing up an octave. That B flat is in the lowest register (fingered 0123 4-67 like F on a C recorder) and it goes up into the third octave for the top A flat. That's above the chart that comes in the box but it's always doable, though the fingering may vary.

  21. Colin McPhee, A House in Bali. Gamelan music in Indonesia in the 1930s. Lots of illuminating stuff about the local culture and wonderful writing about food.

  22. Same period to a bit later - Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus, Memoirs of a Highland Lady. It's an eyeopener about how the upper classes really lived. Get a recent edition, the early ones were a bit sanitized.

  23. I don't care of the whole trans-inclusion/trans-exclusion debate, so normally I wouldn't give a flying about her event, but there are two entirely different things I do care about:

  24. Look at who her allies are. She IS a Nazi. No exaggeration whatever. If you are the sort of person the Nazis wanted to kill, she wants you dead too.

  25. Could you provide me with a link to any of her publications or a videographed speech in which she endorses the tenets of the Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei ideology?

  26. You'd already have read her Wikipedia page if that was a serious question.

  27. Kay Dick's They does the militarized anti-intellectualism theme with more grit and economy.

  28. I would look for other causes and try to see a dermatologist. I had tiny persistent intensely itchy papules like that which I guessed were caused by dairy intolerance - I don't think they were, but it took years before I sorta dealt with them. They only went away after weeks of continuous treatment with every substance I could think of - lidocaine, ichthammol, keratolytics, very powerful steroids. In the end the most effective treatment for it was tacrolimus, a heavy-duty immunosuppressant I was prescribed for morphœa (which those spots might well have been, the "guttate" form). The morphœa was only diagnosed by biopsy.

  29. I thought the design looked familiar. Same series as Jessie M King's books about Edinburgh and Glasgow, which I think fetch about £50. (My wife did a reprint of the King books with her first husband when they had a printing business - those are in short supply and appreciating too).

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