1. That is a terrible bargain my friend. Back in 2017, I got my ‘14 GLI for $17k with 23k miles. Granted that was before pandemic prices, but even so, that’s a lot of dough for one with so many miles. Don’t rush to make a purchase. That’s exactly what dealers want you to do, so they can fuck you over for being impulsive. Wait until you can find a better deal. Your mom will be more inclined if it makes more financial sense.

  2. M05y says:

    I did this as a college kid 10 years ago. I still own the car and look at my flaking taillight tint job in shame....lol it's almost all worn off now.

  3. If you want to strip the rest of it off, isopropyl alcohol does the trick!

  4. So glad the red circle is there otherwise I might have missed it

  5. Bout to give a whole different meaning to the word “grunt”

  6. You’re heard of the oogie boogie man. Now, it’s time to meet… the ooga booga man

  7. This looks good but in my opinion nothing beats the blank canvas of the humble tortilla chip.

  8. I feel that. Thankfully spring is just around the corner!

  9. When I was on vacation in PEI, I bought a bunch of bottles from their store. They were all delectable but this one was my absolute favorite!

  10. Yeah smh this is honestly just the cheap "leather" they use

  11. And people will still call it “buttery”

  12. This sauce is surprisingly polarizing. For most, you love it or you hate it! (I happen to fall in the former camp. Finished that bottle off real quick!)

  13. Messed up my phrasing, meant to say former camp instead of latter camp! I’m gonna edit that real quick

  14. I have type this a few times and I like to give my advice to newer players. I am not the best but i do play the game alot.

  15. Benefiting from your advice 2 years later. Thank you!

  16. Simple, clean, and tasteful. Well played

  17. Julio’s is where I buy all my whiskey (and I’ve been buying hot sauce there since before I was legal to drink!) Place is awesome. Pissed I missed out on this- I’ve gotta get on their mailing list!

  18. “I want the game to have more curses” :8907: “so there are less chances of getting blind” :2357:

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