1. Those are some of my favorite OEM wheels, especially the gunmetal version

  2. Don't suppose you know what they're called?

  3. I do indeed, they’re called “watkins glen” wheels

  4. You’re no NPC / Each life robust and complex / Google this: “sonder”

  5. Straight off the deep end eh? I like your style!

  6. That's the thing though, they're not YOUR tiles

  7. I kinda wanna cop a nice baby-size pair to dangle from my rear view mirror

  8. This is exactly how I totaled my first car. Fucker didn’t even bother to look, they just went for it. RIP 00 Camry, you served me well

  9. Security helmet with scout shoulders was the epitome of clean. Maybe add the recon chest to flex those vidmaster achievements (before Bungie foolishly gave the set away to everybody)

  10. I’m into car culture and own a collector car. Corvette owners ruin everything.

  11. I’m curious, who is the stereotypical Corvette owner?

  12. Any positive mention of JW other than Green on this sub and you start getting downvoted. Black was the scotch that got me into whiskey in the first place. A staple for sure

  13. Gotta try MWND. Now that one slaps.

  14. Oh it do be slappin. That was my first “special occasion” bottle. Got lucky enough to win a raffle that enabled me to grab it at MSRP from my local. If only it were easier to procure at that price regularly!

  15. Don’t worry, I unlocked it last year and haven’t seen it once

  16. German Vogue called them the "most coveted sneakers of the year"

  17. “Not everyone can qualify, so prepare to expand your repertoire of curse words!”

  18. I was in my friend’s 2012 Sentra as he lost a race to a Ford Windstar. This thing has no business frontin like it’s fast lol

  19. I'm sure its fine I'm the brother who had a pinky cut off. Yes it's attached again.

  20. When he tells you to eat the voldussy from the back 😳😚👌

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