1. I was part of the Toronto TKS program and I did see value in it where I did gain new connections, got opportunities to attend events, and also polish my public speaking. However, all of this came at a cost of sometimes not having a balanced schedule as I joined TKS as a Grade 12 student which sucked as most of my attention went towards School and other commitments which left me keeping TKS on the back bench. This resulted in me not actually experiencing TKS to the fullest, but whatever time I put in TKS I did learn a lot.

  2. Anyone hear from kin recently? Have an 88.5 and thinking my rejection is on its way.

  3. was there even a round? I haven't heard of anyone getting emails yet which leads me to believe they're still selecting for their next round

  4. 88% avg what are my odds for general science. I chose computer science as my specialization but tbh I leaning towards changing it to biological sciences. Would that increase or decrease my odds?

  5. Hey! I had a question, is Chem a pre req for Western Health Sci with a major in Health Science? Im confused because on the website it says I need chem if I major in Health Science with Bio, but am still not certain if its applies to my major.

  6. They said it is recommended not required I believe for students interested in pursuing dentistry or medicine. Also, in one of the Western Health Sci fall preview videos, they mentioned that if you take chem and it is not your highest mark then they will not consider it in your top 6 admission average since it is recommended not required.

  7. Hey man! Check out this UWO discord server. Someone did ask about SynBio there.

  8. Not sure if you would be able to speed run the course till mid-term within that short duration of time. Also, I think OVS sends the marks to OUAC, you and to your day school. So even if your day school isn't able to send it on time, OVS will do it even if it's after the 20th (correct me if I am wrong).

  9. I applied with around an 89 and did not get in last year. not saying it isn’t possible just probably not likely. Don’t forget you can get into general sciences (which you can get into with an 85-86) and then just take all the same courses a lifesci students does (bio, phys, math, chem) and then just apply to get into lifesci after 1st year, I believe you need a 3.7/4.3 gpa for direct entry and at least 3.5/4.3 to be considered. you’d be 2nd year life science after you get in.

  10. If you don't get into Life Sci, do you get an offer to join General Sci? I didn't apply to General Sci as I didn't know it existed at Queens, so I just want to know if that's possible.

  11. No, they are separate programs and Queens does not give out alternative offers.

  12. I saw somewhere that people who got rejected from BhSc were given an offer to join the online BhSC. So how does that work then if it's true?

  13. I'm seeing a lot of inaccurate information in this post so I thought id chime in. Yes you're right, health sci isn't sciency but that doesnt necessarily mean it's easier. You're also welcome to take all the science courses you want as electives.

  14. Hey! I know this thread is like 4 years old now but I am currently in the process of receiving university admissions and I am interested in Health Sci with Bio at Western.

  15. Did you end up going to Western for Health Sci with Bio?

  16. Honestly speaking, I would not recommend to shell out $$500+ on a course that you probably won't need. I understand you like the course but think about it do you really wanna spend it on that or maybe on another course which will really help you for Uni admissions and Uni in general (i.e a math, science, etc course)

  17. If you are planning to do 4-day school courses and a 1-night school course then I wouldn't recommend doing this.

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