Judge throws out Trump's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

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  1. Trump is good at pretending. Keep your guard up, don’t be fooled.

  2. What if he is pretending to pretend for the people that think he is pretending when he pretends about pretending

  3. Spent 12 years there one night

  4. Not to RTFM you but check out another tutorial, specifically building your own package. And follow it to the T with how and why.

  5. Can you actually post some tutorials you might be good for kinetic or melodic. Please and thank you

  6. Just wants a belly rub

  7. Think that's gold O: pyrite crumbles if smashed gold doest

  8. I still can't get over the fact that he actually has lawyers

  9. Lawyers for the lawyers

  10. Yes sleepy Joe, go take your meds now

  11. Ohh I was expecting to see Takashi

  12. Yeah except you need good brave guys with guns for that to work

  13. Sure that's not like half eaten burrito thats been left In the fridge for too long?

  14. Put them in the same cell

  15. Perform a specific gravity test and hardness test, look it up not too difficult to do. That alone will give a good clue as to what it might be

  16. Bro honestly I think people are invited post photos of rocks and ask What’s This Rock? Kinda the whole purpose of the sub. Bro.

  17. Bro honestly never said he wasnt invited to post photos just that if he wants to get a better idea of what he has there are test he can perform

  18. Who the fuck would team Edison when compared to Tesla, I would still choose Tesla even if stacked against Eisntein, Plank maybe even Maxwell

  19. They are pretty much all the same brand at the end so all fuck all

  20. I know a Pokémon when I see one

  21. Shit looks like Optimus prime had a baby with R2D2

  22. Which one is actually backed by something of actual value?

  23. Backed by fear which makes it all the more fake

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