1. You can't actually watch a bronze clip and use that as any reasoning for something being OP. No player in this clip can actually play their champ.

  2. No no, you dont understand, ADCs are OP because Morgana didnt kill a full built Kaisa after missing Q, W and not getting the second hit of R, while hitting only a couple autos. They have more than 300 max health, so they are clearly broken

  3. Vinatieri is the guy you want to win you a game with 1 kick. Tucker is the guy you want for all other instances.

  4. As a bronze player I‘m assuming this: They‘re climbing by not feeding their enemy laner, roaming when there‘s a good timing to do and help securing objectives. At least that‘s what I expect my top laners to do lol.

  5. …..she….she stormed the fucking capitol…

  6. Maga idiots: i want guns to shoot at trespassers

  7. Yes, they are idiots, we already established that. They broke into a placed with people armed while chanting to kill politicians and wanting to prevent a democratic process. I dont expect idiots to carry out their plans good

  8. Y luego que si las drogas no son malas...

  9. Caedrel really seems to be losing it these days.

  10. Caedrel really went from being one of the best and calmest lol content creator, with actual knowledge and insights of the game, to be a "i know my audience is mentally 10, so im gonna do whatever 10 year olds like". I really believe its all an act on his side. I will still watch EUphoria and his casting, but his stream where he is held to no standards and no longer tries is just a no go anymore. Like with most content creators, when you have such a large following, you no longer care about the quality you put out, only about getting things out because people will watch either way

  11. you literally said it yourself that Zac is OP but contradicts yourself on not needing a nerf,

  12. No, he is saying that the reasons you list for Zac needing a nerf are not correct. He isnt disagreeing about Zac needing a nerf, at not point he said Zac needs or doesnt need one. He is saying that proplay quadflex has a bigger impact in nerfs than soloq quadflex and that he isnt pick/ban either, with under 10% pick rate. You have just focused on what you thought he was saying instead of what he was actually saying

  13. Kinda funny how he blurs his speedo until the cop made him slow down the first time. I bet he was doing 100 easy, swerving in and out of cars. Cop shouldn't have done what he did, but this guy was driving like a dipshit. Sorta hard to feel too bad for him.

  14. Cop was going just as fast and break checked him. I'll side with the guy speeding over the guy speeding and attempting to kill someone

  15. You want to smite the first camp to get to lvl 2 faster, after that, it will depend on your champion and the pathing. Leash shouldnt stay that long and you rather reduce 600 hp of the first camp while you have level 1 stats than 600 hp from the second camp when you have lvl 2 stats and abilities. If you have an aoe heavy champ like lillia, she will clear gromp and the buffs slower than the other 3, so use it there. Once objectives come into play, you want to save one smite for them. If you have a gank heavy champ, save a smite to use on champs. There isnt a correct answer on where to use it aside from that first camp. Even your second smite is already conditional. You want to full clear fast to gank at lvl4, use it on a camp. Want to fight scuttle, save it for it

  16. Lamar is currently counting 0 against the cap. A long term deal would mean he counts less than the expected franchise tag, but looking at the numbers now, the ravens having 27.2M in cap space, is without Lamar in the team

  17. O sea que, el día 6, a las 11.55 de la noche, es obligatorio usarlas, pero 5 minutos más tarde, ya te las puedes quitar. Vaya imbecilidad. Si Sanidad decide que ya no es necesario el uso de la mascarilla (ya era hora de que vieran la luz), podrían quitar su obligatoriedad de inmediato, ¿no?

  18. Porque informar a la ciudadanía con tiempo está sobrevalorado. Si dijesen que las quitan de inmediato la queja sería porque no antes si ayer la cosa es igual que hoy. Cuando alguien quiere quejarse no se puede ganar

  19. En plena pandemia cambiaron normas pasadas las 12 de la noche que implicaban a millones de personas ir o no a trabajar al día siguiente...planificación estos...ja! Puro electoralismo y tenernos hablando de ello

  20. Entonces si no avisan con tiempo mal, pero si avisan con tiempo mal también. Lo que digo, el que quiere quejarse va a dejar la lógica de lado

  21. Nooooooooo, tu creees? Buaaah, imagínate. Lo siguiente que es, subir el precio cuando bajan los impuestos y que las cosas sigan costando lo mismo o mas?

  22. I didn't ask why it weighed more. I asked if it does and for the same volume it does, that is because of the density but that's not the question. For example if I asked what weighs more steel or water? saying steel is denser than water is correct but it wasn't the question. You could say steel weighs more because it is denser but you can't say they weigh the same.

  23. You really need to retake highschool physics and learn the definition of weight and density. Its not even weight if we are being accurate, its mass. Weight is the effect of a force on mass. Without a volume to ground the comparison, you cannot compare mass. The ocean is heavier than a single steel beam, its not denser because volume allows the comparison to be fair and accurate, but, in that instance, water would be heavier than steel. You undertand now why you are actually looking for density?

  24. When asked what weighs more X or y why would you assume I meant wildly different volumes? You can't compare one variable without the other variables being equal. The water and steel example is simpler since they're wildly different densities. Obviously the ocean is heavier than a steel beam but if you put the same volume of water and steel on a set of scales the steel would be heavier due to the density. Saying they weigh the same they just take up different amounts of space is pedantic and irrelevant to the actual question.

  25. I am not assuming. I assume that you mean same volumes and therefor are actually asking for density even if you incorrectly said weight, just like everyone else telling you you asked the incorrect question. We know what you mean, you are just asking it wrong. A computer however takes the correct definition and links you to an article that gives you the correct terminology and an answer to the question you should had asked

  26. You played againts people with iron mmr

  27. Can we wait until they are out of the playoffs before all of this. They are one win against a one-legged Mahomes who they have already beaten the last 3 times from another Super Bowl appearance. One more crazy run next year and its pretty fair to put them in the dynasty very fucking good team conversation. Let's sit back and watch before shit talking.

  28. The bengals could win the next 10 superbowls or finish the 10 next seasons 0-17. That wont change that their fan base is extremely shitty

  29. As someone from europe I would love to go back to london and see another ravens game. Had a lot of fun in The Admiralty (which according to google it closed) the night before too with all the fans. That being said, Ravens in London were faaaaar from sick... It was long ago, but it suuucked

  30. I doubt that working for 12-16 hours/day is healthy option

  31. Champs queue is not a job. Just like streaming or solo queue. They opt to do it. Their during the week work schedule is from around 11 am, they start scrims to around 8pm they finish scrims and meetings. Its a standard 8 hour job with a 1 hour lunch break. Even with champs queue ending at 1 am, they can go to sleep at 1:30 am, sleep 8 hours, wake up at 9:30am and have 1 and a half hours until their work from home job starts. Thats plenty healthy. Now I dont really care if it starts earlier, it even means that they work less as they are finishing earlier than thought, but a healthy lifestyle is not a selling point as they can have a healthier lifestyle than most people regardless of champs queue schedule. Plus, their times would be the same, they would just grind soloqueue at the times champs queue is closed, but again, its what they choose to do, not their job. Plus they are on soloq that time too, most are streamers, they are online either way, so even if champs queue was from 20-24, they arent going to go to sleep because they never had prior to soloq, and it has never been an issue. They can do what they want and push for what they want, I encourage that. But using healthier lifestyle as a point is simply wrong

  32. yeah fuck them for trying to make the thing they do a bit healthier, they should just shut up and do what i say.

  33. Never said anything remotely similar to that but okay

  34. not just that, the bible has been translated so many times i highly doubt the modern english translated bibles are even similar to the original scrolls, but yes i agree haha the bible is nuts i truly dont know how someone could read it and their first thought isnt ‘this is batshit crazy’

  35. Most people who preach the bible have not read the bible. They just repeat what they've been told and sounds good to them. Its like reading only news that are already biased towards what you like, which reaffirms your believes

  36. They are a fixed amount that has increased by a fixed % every year, just like rookie salaries. So if it starts at say 1000 and increases 5% , the next year will be 1050, the next 1102,5, then 1157,63 and so on, which leads to very weird looking numbers

  37. RBs production goes down because they get hit 20 times per game, not because they run more or less. If a RB would be able to run 20 times and not get hit at all his production wouldnt be going down. Lamar as a QB would go out of bounds and will slide to protect himself for hits, so his running production wouldnt be going down from that. Now im not saying he needs to lose the weight, just that the comparison with RBs is simply not valid

  38. There are 162 champs right now. I would love to see pros having to really dig deep in BO5 tbh. A game 5 would have 40 champs out (i would remove champs played, not banned in previous rounds) + 10 bans in the game, still leaves 112 champions to pick from. Marksmen would me the most hit class probably (or enchanter supports in these patches, but only sering nami, lulu, yummi once is a massive W) but even then I think it would be fine. We would see some assasins maybe even, which are pretty bad in pro play. I think it will never happen but its fun to think about it

  39. Macro 100% yes. Micro some of it. You wont have the mechanics down for every combo, nor you will know the limits, but all your game knowledge still applies. I remember a game in pro play where someone in the audience had a poster asking Wunder to play Garen. His pro POV showed him looking at the champions abilities at the start of the game as he had no idea what Garen could do. However, wave management, when to trade, the effects his abilities had, what items to buy, thats all you already know, so if you pick a new champ and Q says it applies on hit, your previous game knowledge of items and runes already applies, even if you dont know that Q is an auto reset animation cancel double backflip

  40. For me, it was aram. Since aram is a constant team fight or simoly the threat of a teamfight breaking out, you can use it to learn faster about kiting until you start getting the mechanics, which then translate to summoners rift. Fights will obviously be different, but you will get used to it faster simply because you do it more often until it becomes muscle memory.

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