1. Apparently RBC hates me and refuses to give me credit, maybe I'll finally be able to get my foot in the door

  2. Lol same. I have no issues get multiple lines from other banks (all of the other big 5) but RBC is a stickler for it

  3. More of a Rant - I went to FreshCo, Third Line & Dundas, Oakville to get some groceries using my Cobalt, so thought of buying $500 MC GC, waited in the line for 15 min the cashier asked me how am I gonna pay then she called the manager and the manager simply denied the $500 GC over the phone saying the max limit on GC is $200 if I am paying with CC. They are ready to sell me $500 GC only if I pay cash! I mean WTF I just left all the stuff there at the counter without buying anything at all!

  4. Employees pulling arbitrary policies out of their rear end. Just go to another store :)

  5. For the Aeroplan Black Friday sale, looks like Apple Series 8 watch is excluded from the 7x points. Does this mean that it’s also excluded from the 10x for paying with a co-branded card? I couldn’t seem to find that mentioned specifically anywhere in relation to that deal. Thanks!

  6. Well I assume you're right but also the terms are changing in December.

  7. Declined by CIBC Adventura 🤡👌 so spending $0 this bf weekend. Stick it to the man!

  8. Do you have to convert to Scene+ if you already had a scotia credit card and scene account? Also, are there any good cashback or points for Scotia?

  9. You are already enrolled in Scene+, it’s not a choice.

  10. Sorry if this has been asked. Talking about the scene grocery promotion. Spend $100 get 1000 scene points.

  11. Bought it and it worked , now lets see if i get the points as I bought from food basics. Just a curious is there any limit on this or we can do this again and again ?

  12. But is for all the purchases or for only 5x category? If that’s the case then its only 2.5k a month right?

  13. Got my RBC Avion in June and paid the $120 annual fee. If I cancel card now, will i be reimbursed around $60 or should I switch to a no fee card and that will reimbursed the remainder of my annual fee?

  14. Just switch to a no-fee card, less hassle with annual fee refund

  15. Can you cancel on on your own without talking or chatting to expedia agents?

  16. any idea if the bonus points will come after? I spend x amount and only got x points.

  17. Out of Amexile after 2 years and a half. IA for the Rewards Gold for both P1 and P2.

  18. I occasionally shop at metro and get gift cards using my Scotia gold Amex but I misunderstood the 6x offer. Seems like it went from 5x from any grocer to 6x from selected grocers. Am I reading that correctly? Or is it 5x for every other grocer? My pts transactions show 5x.

  19. You get 6X when you spend at Sobeys, Safeway, FreshCo, Foodland, IGA, Voila!, Thrifty Foods, select Co-Op.

  20. Does anyone know what Rexall codes as and best card to use there?

  21. So, Flair should have Gone around and not landed. I do not know what was going on at the time, but it appears that they touched down past Taxiway Echo, close to half way down the runway.

  22. Personal contacts at YKF (including employees working at YKF, students at the flight centre in YKF)

  23. I am unofficially living in Mexico and was using a STACK prepaid mastercard because it had 0% FX fees and no ATM fees, but that has changed and now they have FX fees.

  24. Wealthsimple Mastercard Prepaid (issued by Koho) is your next best bet.

  25. Thanks, I just found creditcardgenious which listed the KOHO cards, I'll check the wealthsimple version (is it different?)

  26. The Wealthsimple card is signed up for through Wealthsimple. (It’s just a note that it is issued by Koho).

  27. Can use the aeroplan e store portal to get an additional 7x points

  28. Might be able to purchase gift cards on the site

  29. There’s an offer available for Aeroplan Cobrand Credit Cardholders, allowing an additional 10X on eStore spend 11/24-11/29

  30. Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher with/without coconut milk

  31. The average rep has a week of training and 2 months of experience before they quit. CIBC is the worst since they totally outsource their firstline call centre operations.

  32. I’m not sure about that. I think most of the reps are Canadian. I am sure that most Scotia Phone reps are definitely foreign (the accent is so thick you can’t hear anything of substance)

  33. How long does it take to get the 20,000 Avion points for $5,000 spend on the RBC Avion visa?

  34. May take anywhere from 2-8 weeks after meeting the spend threshold. If you are antsy about getting the bonus because you want to product switch to a no-fee or low-fee card, forget it. That is a very bad idea, and you should aim to hold the card for at least 6 months to keep in RBC’s good book.

  35. Afaik, no payment network categorizes Walmart as grocery 😓

  36. Incorrect. MasterCard codes 90% of Walmart stores as Grocery. Amex codes a very limited subset of Walmart stores as Grocery.

  37. We are experiencing higher than normal message volumes. Please continue to wait and your message will be responded to by one of your representatives.

  38. Say you want paypal, and ask for a photo of their ID

  39. PayPal is even worse. Only accept Cash, or major cryptocurrency with several confirmations.

  40. The point is scammers aren’t flexible, they wont accept anything other than their scam currency

  41. PayPal is also a scammer’s favourite (in case you’re wondering)

  42. It works at Walmart if you use the self checkout since it’s just a prepaid credit card under the hood. Any restriction on using it to buy other GCs is purely artificial

  43. It works, until you get kicked out of Walmart for attempting it (source: happened to me)

  44. They saw me grabbing the GCs and at SCO. I tried to hide the fact it was a mall GC, but that did not work. :/

  45. Ok so 4 Amex credit cards plus Scotia and any charge cards works. I read somewhere about only being approved for 2 cards/90 days. Is that really a thing?

  46. The 2card/90 days applies to Biz Gold and Biz Plat only. All other cards are excluded from this rule

  47. A lot of people buy gift card/ prepaid cards with the cobalt at grocery stores and use them at other places to get the 5x. I don’t think the Gold is really worth it but amex is pretty flexible about approving so you can get approved for it

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