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  1. So, I just got Skyward Harp from standard banner and I don't know who should use it. I'm between my DPS Ganyu, currently with R4 Lvl90 Prototype Crescent and my Venti, with and R5 Lvl 80 Winblume Ode. Should I use it to maximize Ganyu DPS, and change Venti to the Prototype? Thanks for any advice, good Travels!

  2. I can spare you one gold, and I actually need 1 ocre to finish UID: 701978582

  3. 2 piece glad + 2 piece bloodstained is better than 4 piece glad for razor

  4. 4 piece gladiator is superior. Note that gladiator 4 piece is not an attack % increase but a damage % increase. Simply put, 35% normal attack damage > 25% physical damage.

  5. So, I should keep my 4 piece gladiator right?

  6. Are you sure? I have been tempted to try it, maybe I have some good bloodstained artifacts that can replace the rest of the gladiator. I will see

  7. How do you guys tell what good artifacts and stats are? I’m completely lost all I see are numbers and letters

  8. Firstly you see how good the main stats are, the flower is always HP, the feather always ATK, and then you want ATK% on sands, an elemental bonus for goblet (this case, pyro for Diluc) and Crit Rate or Crit DMG for crown (this for a DPS ). Then there are the substats, which you prioritize Crit DMG and Crit Rate, ATK and ATK% A good artifact has the main stat that you want, and some good values on the stats that I mentioned. For example, a feather with 30% Crit DMG or 15% crit rate as a substat is a very good artifact

  9. Despite of everything, right now I think he is a really good burst support. So, after his buff, he will be amazing.

  10. I really think that as well, but first time I tried to get him I got mona, since then I have been saving some primos for a char that I like.

  11. Actually, thanks to him I could clean the 11-2 abyss's floor. I put him with Razor on my 2nd team. Thanks to his pillar and burst I managed to protect the base.

  12. I'm stuck on 11-2 so, I guess thats nice to hear! I really like his design and really think he is better than Albedo, so I will get him if he comes out. In the begining I didn't use Mona much , but now I'm starting to build her and she is actually pretty fun to use

  13. Is Diluc/ Chongyun/ Mona/ Bennet a good team setup

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