1. Yeah I figured oxymorphone would be king of opioids. I’d really love to know about dextromoramide, dipipanone and ketobemidone. Also I’ve heard that hydromorphinol is extremely euphoric, but have not come across any solid information on it. Just have a chemist’s word on that one. I know getting a bunch of hydrocodone is the main reason I’m interested. Once I feel that opioid warmth again I feel motivated to learn more and more about them. Tomorrow is back to kratom, which is probably a good thing but at least I’m maintaining my self-control and remaining disciplined about my usage this time around. After today no opioids for a month (outside of kratom).

  2. O-DSMT is said to be quite effective but I took about 500mg without tolerance about 2 days ago and slept for 18 hours and am still a bit wonky. But that is my own fault. Didn't really feel anything same as kratom that's the reason I took that much.

  3. 500mg no tolerance is overkill lol. I used 100-150mg even with a decent tolerance and still got great results. Similar to about 60mg oxycodone or 75-80mg hydrocodone ime. But I prefer hydros for the sedation and relaxation. Oxy agitates me sometimes. Morphine is my all time favorite, prob also why I like codeine more than most since it’s effects come from being a prodrug for morphine. Nothing better than the liquid 20mg per ml morphine. Closest thing to real H that I’ve ever touched. But damn I miss it lol. I did O-DSMT and 2MAP, and neither can hold a candle to the others I mentioned. O-DSMT boofed is amazing, but 2MAP is too short-acting and being caustic I can only imagine the damage I’ve already done to myself using it for six months daily. Really wish I had gotten to try U-47700.

  4. Sea of Sin is one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard lol.

  5. I know this may be a kinda cliche pick but something about STP’s Creep really hits in a disturbing and dark way. Also Alice In Chains’ Over Now, as it took on an entirely new meaning with that being the band’s last album with Layne. Soundgarden’s Room A Thousand Years Wide makes me think of crisis for some reason, as if everything is falling apart. Idk why but that’s just how I interpret it, and I’ve always listened to that song in my darkest times. One of the few metal songs that can make me breakdown and cry.

  6. They’re uplifting, energetic and one of the best bands I’ve ever heard. Not grunge but def one of the bands that broke alt rock through to the mainstream audience.

  7. Not grunge but Down In It by NIN… “what I used to think was me is just a fading memory, I looked him right in thee eye and said goodbye”.

  8. 4-AcO-DMT or shrooms plus DXM is amazing as well. Most introspective headspace I’ve ever felt. I’ll have to give LSD and DXM a go together soon. For reference I like 20mg 4-AcO-DMT with 210mg DXM HBr (130lb). Combos like these are just incredible beyond belief. Probably the most euphoric I’ve ever felt in my life at the peak of my last one.

  9. Using kratom I bought back in 2016. Just keep it stored in a cool and dry area. Moisture is your biggest enemy. No detectable loss of potency or bad side effects from my experience. I bought a lot during the initial talk of a possible ban so I’d be set for years if needed. Seven years later I still have a decent stash lol. I still get kratom sometimes though and the older stuff seems to hit just as well as the new stuff I get.

  10. I'm not confusing at all I think people have me confused cuz I hear conflicting answers to this question saying that an attaches itself to The receptors and it does indeed block it so I'm just trying to figure out the correct answer

  11. Just take the hydros tomorrow instead of kratom if you really want to. You’ll feel them. Just be careful as kratom is the best way to scratch that itch if you catch my drift. True opioids are going to lead to an expensive habit that might make you do things you’d otherwise never do. Just play it smart and don’t chase that feeling. That’s where most people screw up. Treat hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, etc. as a very occasional treat. And watch out for fake oxy 30s (usually contain fentanyl)… my friend lost his life using those.

  12. Climbing Up The Walls by Radiohead is definitely up there.

  13. YES also how to disappear completely, literally started sobbing when I was tripping and listening to that

  14. Oh yeah that one hits deep for sure. It’s a song I listen to when I’m feeling really depressed. That song, Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division and Disintegration by The Cure make me break down and cry every time.

  15. what are your thoughts on the combo? i have some 4-ho-met laying around, maybe ill try something similar at some point

  16. I tried it again. And I feel I have a better understanding of it now. Dosed at 210mg HBr and 20mg 4-AcO-DMT. It was extremely visual in the beginning I was seeing geometric patterns as if everything were two dimensional. I had no concept of time at all and I felt very, very euphoric throughout. It was honestly possibly the best trip of my life. Very introspective trip, and I really need(ed) some soul searching right now. I will be trying again at the same dosage of 4-AcO-DMT, but slightly higher on the DXM (probably about 240-300mg).

  17. There's not a paint marker fine enough to do it at the appropriate scale anyway.

  18. It says “dick” and then the arrow points right to Cyrus

  19. Maybe not the best, but I’ve always really enjoyed STP’s cover of David Bowie’s Andy Warhol.

  20. It absolutely is absorbed through smoking

  21. All I’ve done is vape / dab HHC and it hits me harder than probably any other alt cannabinoid I’ve tried.

  22. Soundgarden or Stone Temple Pilots would be my favorite. I go back and forth between the two. Depeche Mode and The Cure are each right up there for me as well.

  23. Yes you can mix the two. I wouldn’t go crazy with it, but kratom doesn’t seem to cause the respiratory issues that regular opioids do. I have yet to ever hear of anyone suffering respiratory depression from kratom. Every kratom-related death seems to involve a crazy cocktail of drugs such as oxycodone, alcohol, cocaine and / or fentanyl on top of kratom and benzos. I’ve taken kratom and benzos daily since 2017, you will be fine but again I wouldn’t go crazy with dosing.

  24. What doses would you recommend of each? I know it's somewhat tolerance based but just a ballpark

  25. I wouldn’t change your K-Pin dosage from what you normally take. I just take 2-3mg clonazepam throughout the day - or 40-50mg diazepam depending which I have atm - as well as 5-8 grams of kratom. My tolerance for kratom is a little on the higher side. I’d recommend starting off with 3 grams and maybe working your way up to 5 if you prefer. Shouldn’t need much more than that with no / low tolerance

  26. Oh yeah. I like Valium better than any other benzo - besides flutoprazepam - for how long it lasts. I took about 45mg (high dose) of diazepam yesterday and still feel it today and I have a pretty high benzo tolerance. I usually use clonazepam and the rc clonazolam, but would pick diazepam over both due to its super long half life.

  27. 15-20mg no tolerance is a nice buzz, 25-30mg should feel amazing. I wouldn’t go any higher than that with no tolerance, and be careful of how much acetaminophen you ingest. Never exceed 4,000mg in 24 hours. Also I wouldn’t mix any other downers with it (alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates).

  28. Appreciate your detailed response! Yeah I can’t risk being labeled a drug seeker as I also suffer from crippling anxiety. If I lost my benzo prescription I wouldn’t be able to live my life. Thank you a ton my friend :)

  29. Oh if you’re on benzos there’s no way I’d mention kratom. That genuinely might put you at risk for getting cut off of benzodiazepines if your doctor is even a tad unreasonable. Many will see it as a major red flag imo.

  30. I recently combined a little 10mg dose of 4-AcO-DMT with 225mg of DXM and had an amazing trip. Music enhancement was at a 10/10. I surprisingly felt no anxiety at all, just pure euphoria and trippiness (I’ve never been great at describing the effects). Next time I’m gonna go 20mg of 4-AcO-DMT with the same dosage of DXM. I’m curious to hear how your trip goes at these doses. Hope you have a blast!

  31. Kratom plus LSD microdosed is endless energy for me, yet it feels unforced unlike amphetamines. I don’t feel wired, just very alert and full of energy for a good 10+ hours.

  32. I’ve been using a bunch of kratom I purchased back in 2016 during the initial talk of a ban. I ordered enough for a decade I’d say. It’s still working just fine. When I open a bag I will only use that bag until it’s gone. I’m not trying to let other bags get exposed to light, moisture or anything else that may have an affect if I’m not using them yet. So far zero issues at all, and no detectable loss of potency imho.

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