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  1. Great giveaway! Thanks Christian! Apollo is a great app :-)

  2. Guys. If we keep talking shit, this fuck boy is going to try to buy Boston Dynamics and then claim he made those bots years ago.

  3. Boston Dynamics was bought by Hyundai already... Delete your comment. You are embarrassing yourself.

  4. After reading the comments on this post, I have come to the conclusion that barely anyone in this subreddit actually likes technology.

  5. Exactly. I use these threads to block every idiot who comments some Elon Musk hate, so I see one less terrible reddit user. But there are so many of them...

  6. Broo 😂 If you're everyone is gonna compare the First ever prototype to Boston Dynamics Atlas why not go all out Apples to Apple 🍎 .Boston Dynamics Atlas may look like a robot that can do anything. Even Parkour. But it's design specs are very different from Teslabot.

  7. Don't waste your energy by trying to explain things to someone who does not want to understand. He is going to reply with a three word nonsense and change the subject.

  8. Yeah? Where’s the semi-truck? How about the 2020 Roadster? What about the hyper loop? Cyber truck not even out, but apparently you think it’s going to swim seas? Hey where are the million robo taxis? We’re about 2 years off on that one. At least Tesla has dominated the solar market with their solar roof…oh wait. Also FSD lmao.

  9. Late doesn't mean not happening. You are cherry picking data. There is along list of great things Tesla and SpaceX have achieved. When you leave them out, you sound like a fool.

  10. This robot thing is a new level of bullshit, for a company that often backs up its claims, to peoples’ surprise. All they’ve shown is nothing more than a mannequin, and no prototype displaying ability and functionality. It almost feels like a prank.

  11. They introduced the idea a year ago and are literally going to show a prototype today. What are you getting out of being so negative? They seem to be moving at a breakneck speed on this project. What exactly do you want?

  12. Will we get two dancing humans in spandex this time?

  13. I think this was easily one of the worst MCU movies period personally. I thought the beginning and the end were incredibly weak and the middle was just ok. The dragon being a punk ass bitch was the biggest letdown. The fact that the space chinese have been waiting around for thousands of years but only have like 30 people in the village doesn't make any sense. The evilest dude on the planet stopping being evil for some pussy was dumb.

  14. My biggest problem with the movie was the fact that he main character could have been killed at any moment, before his father says "sike"! Just imagine if he would have been sliced in half on the tram. End of movie.

  15. While I agree with the ideas in the video, it is painful to watch. The presentation style - if you can even call it that - is terrible. Feels like a really shady salesman. I would run from a presentation like this if I didn't know better.

  16. It failed the promise of the premise. It's like having naming an ice cream "chocolate sprinkles" and then having absolutely no chocolate in it. In this case it's the "Holmes" of it all. There's a mystery, but Holmes doesn't solve it? no, fail.

  17. You missed the point of the movie. It happens, but stop trying to convince others of your - incorrect - point of view.

  18. So far, this looks just as great and fun as the first one!

  19. MY PC is an Intel i7 3770 with a sufficiently old GPU, so a completely new PC would be built around this fantastic new card. A PC that will last 8-10 years again.

  20. All these one-year price targets are missing the point.

  21. I hope we get to dividend category in 3+ years.

  22. I agree with bro and I'll die on that hill with him.

  23. Not enjoying a game and hating a game (what OP said) is absolutely not the same thing.

  24. Good, it’s false advertising and actually dangerous

  25. None of what you said is true.

  26. Excellent and very comprehensive write-up. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together. If Tesla has even a slight chance of getting to where they want to be in 2030, then nobody can really afford to NOT invest in the company. Not only from a financial point of view, but also from a societal one. This is the best way forward and a chance to not f*ck save up our planet. I'm in!

  27. Much easier to do on the PC than a phone. Probably don't spend enough time on reddit to know all the symbols for modifying text.

  28. You are right. I use it from a PC. Never from a phone, so I hadn't considered the difficulties that arise. Thanks for correcting though :-).

  29. Meanwhile, garmins 2021 revenue was $4.8B vs apples $365B. 76 days of apples sales.

  30. The problem is not, that yo made a mistake in the calculation, but that you left it there. Use strikethrough and correct it!

  31. Fuck off, Elon. If you really cared about Americans you would pay your fucking taxes and fund these things yourself without government subsidies

  32. He paid more tax than anyone in 2021. The rest of your comment is so stupid, it isn't worth refuting.

  33. How do you think Tesla survived from inception until 2020? By making a profit?

  34. Why would you write something so stupid in a public forum? Everybody with half a brain knows only a complete idiot would believe something so false. You are making a fool out of yourself.

  35. Why does anyone need to see free disk space, of all things, on their lock screen?

  36. I have no use for this, so nobody else has either! /s

  37. Never forget Elon admitted in a interview this was solely a move to discourage public transit in California because he thinks public transit places people with serial killers and smelly homeless people. He lied and had no intention of building any actual transit system.

  38. You need to present source for these claims.

  39. Easily found interview, he never has hid this position once everything was officially abandoned.

  40. Just link to the interview you are referring to.

  41. Why do they keep giving us images of the moon in black and white 🙄

  42. You spelled his name wrong. It's Elliott Tanner.

  43. I never even considered this as it would be a waste of chests, but late game me has plenty! :-)

  44. I will check those out. Thanks!

  45. Well, this isn't something I wanted to wake up to reading :-). Jesus Christ. Even though I am not in the U.S., I am terrified at how this will have long ranging negative effects on the whole world.

  46. This post is creepy category...

  47. That's exactly what YT wants and I refuse. I won't even pay for Spotify premium

  48. You should be looking at youtube from a price/hour perspective. If you watch a lot of youtube, then youtube premium actually makes sense. Even more so if you get the family plan. If you have kids, then not getting them bombarded by ads is really important. If you are a kid, then talk to your parents about it. Also, you are supporting the creators you enjoy watching. That way they don't rely on ad revenue only and maybe have less sponsors in their videos.

  49. I wouldn't even bother trying to reason here.. Seems like most people have made up their mind that paying 3-4$ a mo. for youtube premium (family) is "too expensive". I share youtube & spotify with 4-5 other people. We pay 6-7$ a month and its worth every penny. For reference McDonalds chicken nuggets is like 6 bucks now.

  50. Exactly. The comment i was replying to was stranger for some reason. They wrote, that "That's exactly what YT wants and I refuse.". It's like they are somehow in a conspiracy...

  51. It didn't help, that they made the character out to be a full-on action hero, when in reality a spy is very much not that. Especially a good spy :-).

  52. He's just a businessman with good advisors that's all. He didn't invent shit, he just hired smart people. When a rocket launch is successful or a new innovative car releases it's almost always Elon musk getting praised not the engineers, technicians, and so on.

  53. Elon is the owner of the company and the engineers, technicians are employees. Elon always thanks the people working for him, while an article will always praise the owner of a company. How old are you to not understand how journalism works?

  54. That's not journalism then. Journalism's responsibility is to report facts. What we are seeing is corporate media trying to feed us PR. Elon took billions from California in subsidies, that's our tax dollars. He basically grifted us and then took off to Texas where fascist Elite like to live without the rule of Law.

  55. I completely agree with you about journalism. That is what it should be. In the times when I would actually pay for a news (newspaper) I expected non-biased articles. Now, it is unrealistic. Just like this techspot article. Pure clickbait. Not even worth to post it on reddit. But OP did, so He should accept criticism for it.

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