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  1. Egyetlen alairasert meg pecsetert eleg sokat kell fizetni :)

  2. Valóban, de az Ő aláírása és pecsétje véd majd téged évekkel, évtizedekkel később is. Bőven megéri a pénzét.

  3. Hogyne, de nem o szemelyesen. A munkaja pedig annyi, hogy ranyomja a pecsetet. Ennel tobbet nem csinal :)

  4. Alapvetően nem érted mi a közjegyző mint pozíció, illetve funkciója. Nézz utána. Jobb lesz az életed, ha érted mi miért történik.

  5. No. Effective date is the 25th. This kind of dividend is different than a cash dividend. The rights to get to free shares are come with every shares traded after 08.17. No free lunch such as selling shares on the 18th and getting the dividend on the 25th.

  6. I don't want the free shares, because I want to re-buy shares after the 24th. I hope the price on the 25th will be less than 1/3-rd the price of closing on the 17th. Does that make sense?

  7. Yes but it's not how it's going to work. On the 25th is ex dividend date and it's going to be ~3x less than closing on the 24th.

  8. I know. I can buy 3X the shares for the price of one pre-split.

  9. The boglehead guide kindle version is 2.99 on Amazon right now.

  10. I'm getting 14.53 USD 2 hours after your post. Has the price changed already?

  11. Yes. Of course :-). I am a long time Kindle user. I am not in the US, but have always had the US store set as my Amazon kindle store.

  12. They are not competing with the PSVR2. Apple's product will have augmented reality functions, that will probably be a hit with consumers. Just like their other mobile devices are. Apple knows UI and user experience.

  13. I don't think anyone's willing to wear a headset outside of their home.

  14. Okay. You can think that :-).

  15. Why exactly are you recording strangers and posting them on reddit?

  16. I love silver, because it's antimicrobial :-).

  17. I feel for her family. It’s got to be painful to lose a family member in a such a public way while strangers declare online that she deserved to die in a fire. This is a sad end for a talented woman whose life was impacted by addiction and mental health struggles. Hope everyone who survived this tragedy—Anne’s loved ones as well the woman who lost her home—can find some peace.

  18. People can be really terrible online, but they are still better, than someone speeding in a residential area while intoxicated. Imagine her killing a couple of kids who were just outside playing. Would you still feel for the family of the driver? Stop apologising for other peoples bad decisions.

  19. I’d feel even worse for the family of a driver who killed others along with themselves. The family of that driver still isn’t guilty of anything and they have to live with complex grief, played out in the public arena. Also, please point me to the section of my comment where I apologize for her behavior.

  20. The family of the driver knows their child/family member is not stable yet they do nothing/enable the behaviour. It may not be their fault, but their influence shaped that person.

  21. Based on the comments, I have to ask: what is the value of boat at which we stop feeling bad for the owner and start celebrating their loss. I’m sure most people would feel bad for me if my $6000 boat burned up, but most people seem to be happy that a $24MM boat burned. Wonder where the threshold is.

  22. A lot of people would NOT be sad for your 6000 USD boat. They would say: Fuck his boat. Why did he get a boat in the first place. Boats are stupid. etc.

  23. Everyone please take what user bjb406 wrote with a huge grain of salt. In his post history, besides video games and sports, he often posts about sex workers, escorts, strippers and asks questions about dealing with situations regarding them.

  24. Looks like she is just being upfront about her expectations. Are they ridiculous? Absolutely. Is this a facepalm? No! She knows she will probably not be getting any offers like this and she is fine with it.

  25. Best of luck to you and your family! Soon enough you will be playing video games with the new addition :-)

  26. The real cringe is you talking for all astronomers...

  27. Magadat fűtsd és csak azt a helyet ahol vagy. Így alacsonyabban tarthatod a lakás hőmérsékletét, de nem fázol. Pl. elektromos takaró. fűthető párna, kesztyű, zokni. Lényegében minden olyan megoldás, ahol az egész lakás felfűtése helyett csak azt a területet fűtöd ahol vagy. Macerás? Igen. De hatékony.

  28. They remained surprisingly calm and surprisingly dedicated to finding Candle Supply!

  29. I imagine this is what living with Xanax is like.

  30. Also this guide: how to be a good salesman/saleswoman :-)

  31. So you bought a car, that wasn't good for your use case. That was a bad decision on your part. How does that invalidate an electric drivetrain?

  32. 60% of electricity production in America is still made with fossil fuels I don’t really get how that reduces carbon emissions. Not to mention the batteries for these vehicles are pretty bad for the environment but hey how bad are lithium mines when you could have a Tesla.

  33. Fantastic giveaway! Thanks!

  34. I wish I could upvote this 10 times - nuclear energy is our transition away from fossil fuels

  35. Yes and no. Nuclear makes a lot of sense, but it's economically not viable. Renewables have gotten to a price point, where investing a LOT of money into a new nuclear power plant doesn't really make sense. If they are not building new nuclear power plants in the United States, then it is clearly not profitable to do so. If it was, then they would be doing it.

  36. I strongly believe this will be the most profitable company in the world by 2030.

  37. I don't understand how people are not seeing this. Tesla is planning to make 30 20 million EVs by 2030. That in itself would be enough, but their energy business will be even bigger than the car business. Also, if Elon is right, then the robotics business will be a huge asset to the company.

  38. That's what I was wondering. Tesla doesn't make it's money from cars. It makes money from batteries.

  39. They will make their money from batteries (energy business will dwarf car business), but as of now they don't. Here is the 2022 Q2 earning info. It's a good read:

  40. It's easier to set up an artificial (rotating) gravity environment when your on solid ground-e.g. something spinning that you can sleep in overnight. Also the microgravity is probably much better than no gravity.

  41. "microgravity" refers to what most people think of as zero gravity. The astronauts are in microgravity on the ISS. The moon would have a low gravity living environment.

  42. Pam’s extremely 2015 eyebrows in 1995 are distracting me 😭

  43. How shallow do you have to be, to nitpick about something like this in a fantastic show?

  44. The Xenophobic rhetoric always stems from wanting to control people. In Hungary we saw the same thing a few yers ago with the "migrant" crisis. Those people were called refugees before and are called refugees now when it's people coming from the culturally close Ukraine. People from farther away (geographically and culturally) are deemed inferior by calling them different names and spreading "pure race" bullshit everywhere.

  45. Why don't people care about art? Why don't people care about ergonomics? Why don't people care about veterinarian care? Why don't people care about poultry science? Why don't people care about farming and agriculture?

  46. No need to bring god into this as there is no such thing.

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