1. There's many ways to add "governors" to restrict growth in different areas. One way is simple retrains, which we saw with ChatGPT3; they caused certain prompts to go stale. Another is information in training data. Separate out different tasks to different models; don't let that knowledge converge. And so much more.

  2. These methods don't stop the other companies working on A.I. It's not easy to "just stop" technological progress. In fact, it's next to impossible. I am not arguing that it wouldn't be wise to to slow A.I. research, but in reality there is so much at stake, that it just won't happen.

  3. Actually I agree. For me "stop" in this context refers to "stop giving it a whole bunch more data without ensuring you understand its capabilities." "Stop" isn't meaning to abandon AI research. It means to stop blindly growing it.

  4. We agree! I am happy we cleared up the misunderstanding. Thanks!

  5. I was really hoping to give this episode a careful listen, but I had to stop after about 7 minutes, because the guest talked in a very annoying way. Between every other word he said "aaa" and it just threw my attention.

  6. Imagine being so dumb you can't even pay attention to the 3 little piggies tale, smh

  7. Getting knowledge from books anyone can read is socialism! /s

  8. I would be vary of taking OP's word on what happened. His post history doesn't really inspire confidence.

  9. Also reddit participation. We are all guilty of it. Let's try to have a day when we comment by the rule: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  10. We really need a way to report these terrible A.I. upscaled photos.

  11. minél több hírt linkelnek minél több helyről ide annál jobb. Kinek van ideje 5 portált nézegetni egyfolytában ha itt itt is van és még tudunk véleményeket írni olvasni is. Szerintem linkeljék csak, rendben van

  12. Én az inoreader-t használom (több alternatíva is van). Ott egy helyen gyűlnek az új cikkek, csak arra várva, hogy megnézzem őket. Nem fogok oldalról oldalra ugrálni, hátha van friss hír...

  13. Miért kéne a csapvizet tisztítani? Ami igazán káros, hormonok stb, azt kiszűri?

  14. Miért tőlem vársz választ? Miért hinnéd el amit én írok? Ha fontos a tiszta víz, akkor olvass utána az említett típusú szűrőnek.

  15. My game won’t load past 66% since updating. Anyone else having this issue? Playing on Xbox One.

  16. The same on playstation. I read, that it also affects Switch.

  17. This is the second post I've seen in the last few days about Turkey and cats here on reddit. Looks like Turkey's Tourist Attraction Office is doing overtime :-)

  18. He took his money out of the bank. Not a thief.

  19. Look around reddit and especially this sub, Do you honestly think you are going to convince the mob with your truth and logic? Don't waste your time.

  20. Thanks for the Eureka! Award. Whatever it is :-).

  21. Ok so torch lights aren't going to emit light ooooor....

  22. Don't be mad, because you can't format a question. You are downvoted for rambling, then you accuse others of not understanding that you meant to ask a question. Communicate better.

  23. No need to be a dick my god, like the thread was done. If you go through yeah I asked it in a dumb way but then asked follow up questions that people were nice enough to answer and I wasn't confused on the whole process. I learned. Then you leave this shitty comment. So yeah I rambled but atleast I wasn't being an ass.

  24. Why would I read the other threads when I was replying to your top level comment? Also, if you think what I wrote is me (or anybody) being an ass, then you are mistaken. My comment was a factual reply to your initial comment.

  25. The irony, that all the people volunteering to help did their homework when they were kids. That is why they are smart enough to help now.

  26. Combining it with 20/4 intermittent fasting helps. A lot. Especially when starting out, you can eat as much as you want in that four hour window. You can even do lazy keto or non-keto in the beginning. After a few day of only eating in that window, your cravings will lessen and you will get used to knowing when you are hungry and when you are just bored and want to eat.

  27. Also, if He has plans, then He should stick to them. If He doesn't then make one up. If He doesn't have plans and doesn't want to lie, then He should make real plans. If He doesn't want to do either of those, then He is the one who doesn't have respect for His own time.

  28. I absolutely love the yolk typo :-)

  29. I typed this up at like 1:30am and I’m surprised it’s even coherent lol

  30. Don't worry about it! It made me smile :-). Go get some rest!

  31. After she switched the filter off, she instantly got a personality :-)!

  32. Would be slightly amusing if it weren’t staged.

  33. A: - Let's throw about ten before we get the right one so we'll have enough footage for a video! B: - Won't it look staged? A: - No. It'll be great!

  34. While I agree with your sentiment, we're just replacing oil dependence with mineral and component dependence. Countries with easy access to nickel, cobalt, lithium, battery manufacturing and ICs would become players in the next "oil wars".

  35. Thankfully there is an abundance of minerals in space. It seems hard to get now, but that will change.

  36. I am with you. I wasn't convinced about the Solarcity acquisition back in the day. :-)

  37. Are you comparing his last 2 years behaviour to his 2000-2019 behaviour and claiming that he is behaving similarly?

  38. I am not convinced that his behaviour is indicative of how his companies are being managed. Looking at videos of him speaking 10-12 years ago is not different to how he speaks now. His tweets are objectively terrible, but most people say terrible things when they are among friends. I don't know why Elon thinks Twitter is more like a private conversation, when it is far from it.

  39. Unfortunately even if true, the number of pedophiles doesn't change. They just migrate to some other platform.

  40. I agree his businesses have been good, but he's such a dickhead. I chose 'disappointing' specifically because he could have been the coolest person in history but instead spends his time palling around with dictatorships and relentlessly posting crap humour.

  41. Maybe there is a place that is neither of the most extreme ends of the spectrum...

  42. It's a no from me because of Elon being the greatest disappointment to humanity of all time, but the colour does make it look much better than usual.

  43. Are you sure you are not overreacting? Why do you say Elon is the greatest disappointment to humanity of all time? Even with the Twitter fiasco (which van go either way) he is absolutely a net positive for humanity.

  44. Unless the need for personal transportation drops sharply (it will not), then the list you wrote - while technically true - just doesn't matter. They are arguments against electric cars, but they are not valid.

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