1. sorry guys it was me I was trolling scrims 😕

  2. Interesting Aztral said that G2 is who they fear the most - honestly don't think KC needs to fear anyone and he's probably just being humble. IMO, they're top 3 in the world in terms of current form right now (some iteration of KC/Falcons/Furia/Moist).

  3. hes doing somewhat better this time but its still unbelievable they'd bring him back after last major

  4. I agree, it’s also that I just saw johnny do it better a few days ago

  5. I disagree, Moist and BDS and V1/SSG. Two best EU teams and the best two NA teams in terms of the last couple majors combined finish.

  6. imo, Moist is only a bit better than falcons,

  7. KC = BDS for me does not hold water.

  8. you’re right, in recent form, KC > BDS, and Furia > KC

  9. If it were another country, he'd still be waiting to get into the hospital.

  10. this is anti-healthcare propaganda that most of the time just isn’t true

  11. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: this is on par with Vol. 1, and the overwhelming hate is due to people looking back with rose-tinted glasses.

  12. absolutely not, even skrt on me is better than every song here besides new to you

  13. The main issue I have this album is that it's the same basic formula repeated over 14 tracks. There's very little variation in the sound or tempo. I might be more forgiving if this was a quick follow-up to vol 1, not something released 5 years later. That said, I do like most of the singles already released and some of the new tracks. Jorja Smith's vocals on Somebody Else are so good.

  14. if only you could actually hear jorja’s vocals over the beat 😭

  15. mines doing that and showing toontown haha

  16. Dig and NRG regain, Veloce and 01 surprise people with how good they are

  17. this album was already great on first listen and continues to grow on me each time i play it

  18. I think Cuff It is the best on the album but Virgos Groove is definitely a standout too

  19. Oh wow she really mentioned Roe v Wade on TV

  20. Religion/politics/gender/sexual orientation shouldn’t be taught to children until they’re old enough to understand and comprehend everything about the subject

  21. being gay is legally punishable by death in Saudi…

  22. it happens frequently. Also you’re wrong, relations between people of the same sex, whether men or women, can be tried as capital crimes in Saudi Arabia

  23. because it’s actually interesting production wise. anything offbeat arianators hate

  24. between dangerous shootings and peoples’ rights being stripped, not sure if texas is the best place to host worlds

  25. very respectable and mature decision, however let’s not get upset at people going- this is a huge amount of money and it is the government denying lgbt people their rights, not players or tournament organizers

  26. Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo and WTF Do I Know by Miley Cyrus

  27. It's like when a child does everything they can to upset you and then throws a tantrum when you react negatively to it

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