1. Apparently Klinic is doing something. 2pm-4pm at Rainbow Resource

  2. I play Apex pretty regular add me! My name is Bribribricat. 31 Canada. I'm away for a bit though I'm on vacation.

  3. The wait list is around a year last I heard. Good luck! I'm currently waiting for a psych evaluation for surgery and the wait is killing me.

  4. After the psych eval it happens super quick! If you're going to Montreal for the snip they are still filling in slots that were cancelled during the peak of covid so they have lots of dates open.

  5. Currently at 2 and a half years unemployed. I'm at a point in my transition though where I'm going to go back to school stealth to start over.

  6. 31 Trans fem looking for people to play with Bribribricat is my name. Discord is Brianne#7140

  7. Absolutely I don't mind. I wear make up like 10‰ of the time

  8. I often feel a bit too old for this subreddit and I did not know that sub existed! Thanks!

  9. I feel too old for this sub but also too young for that one. It kinda sucks and I'm only 31.

  10. I just moved to the city from the country,what do I need to vote? I've got my license changed over is that enough?

  11. Assuming you have lived inside the city for 6 months as of today, a drivers license will work just fine.

  12. Ah I guess I can't vote then. Good luck folks hopefully no transphobes get in.

  13. I went to the Derm Centre on Grant, for crows feet (no forehead). It was between 2-300. Mine was preventative but I was happy with the results. If inflation hadn't hit I would have gone back to them, but I just couldn't justify the expense.

  14. Derm Centre is great, def recommend. Also it's on Grant not Corydon

  15. There's also fame or club happenings

  16. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I made another trans friend!

  17. is this the 2022 halloween event? I am a returning player after a few years and want to get those cosmetics

  18. No this is the treasure hunter promo outfit.

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