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  1. You think the other teams card he sick. No excuses. You play through adversity. This is why they lose game 7s.

  2. Of course other teams are still trying their hardest to win. Arsenal has been stepping up at every LAN before this and you want him kicked because he’s been coughing up blood and underperforming?

  3. The whole team’s reaction when they won especially CJ screaming next to the camera was electric.

  4. After not winning a single event all season it would be so sick for SSG to win the whole thing

  5. Spyro The Dragon. I mean the first Spyro game and the PS1 version. It's just consistent collecathon fun and that's all it needs to be a masterpiece. You can mess around with the all levels cheat code and do a fun of bingo speedruns and other types of odd speedruns. That raises it even higher for me.

  6. One of the best soundtracks in games

  7. The bit about Beastmode’s boost grab was insane. Did he know, or just get lucky??

  8. He probably had an idea it was close to spawning since he was the one who took it and got pretty fortunate with the timing

  9. Dude is a robot. He’s like the Kawhi Leonard of RL.

  10. Buttery Hotness is the best and most underrated but I wish he'd post more. Insanely high quality content!

  11. Nah never had it. I figured add to library meant it was permanently placed in my games library to be downloaded at any time. Well that was a waste of time hahaha.

  12. If that was the case everyone would just pay for 1 month and claim every game on the service to own forever

  13. Why is my list completely different from that? You’re North America right?

  14. There's no Toy Story 2 on the US Store for some reason. Actually the only game I waited to play upscaled, rather than the low Res version on PS3

  15. Ok so I’m not going crazy. This is the first game I wanted to play and it’s not there wtf.

  16. Stray is next month, not during holiday season

  17. I wouldn’t call September or October the holiday season either but they’re on there. Just be excited homes

  18. I’m very excited for Stray that’s why I know it’s July and not the holiday

  19. always wondered what does the number under the A mean?

  20. BDS vs G2 is gonna be an insane Worlds Grand Final

  21. I'd try and trade Tobias for a Draymond Green-type player and a 6th man that can takeover like Jamal Crawford or Lou Williams. Sixers also need a good backup for Embiid, will Drummond be back?

  22. Draymond Green is one of the most unique players in NBA history. Who are you thinking that’s similar?

  23. At first he also changed his name as Cloud 9, that was even better

  24. https://i.imgur.com/UkUN72z.png

  25. I wonder if this means Marc is going to retire?

  26. What? He’ll have plenty of offers I’m sure.

  27. I know I just recently posted the Retals comms video but this one includes the V1, G2, and Queso series as well.

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