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  1. Ask about the cam phasers. I started having issues around 35,000 km.

  2. Hood rats doing what they do best. 'Murica!

  3. That's terrible table ethic. It just isn't fair...

  4. He's gonna fart weird for a day or two.

  5. I've come across a lot of things while in the bush while hunting, and I'll tell you I'd rather come across a bear than a moose.

  6. She voided the warranty with the blood.

  7. What if the aliens spoke Italian?

  8. That's what I keep reading about it, and all I can think is who, in their right mind, would stage this? It was pretty fucking close.

  9. I think the car was stitched in so they were never in any danger.

  10. Did he actually hit the barber? Either way he can tell his story in Hell

  11. The way he dropped after the second gunshot tells me it was head, heart, or spine. None of those are good.

  12. Mine did this last year. Flowered for a few weeks in November/December, and flowers the size of my hand (pic below) - then it died hard. I didn't even have time to fix the problem that ended up killing it. It was about 5' and had a nice bushy top too. I was bummed.

  13. It's Mount Doom, man, who knows what goes on in that place.

  14. Lord of the Rings for me. I finished the first book the day the movie came out, so I went and watched the movie that night, too. The other two books I finished a month after.

  15. I use True North Seed Bank.

  16. Chipped way too early, but if it gets you high then it's better than nothing.

  17. I've never successfully propagated a money tree cutting. Hope this works out for you.

  18. There’s a special “graveyard” area in a few different steel mills I’ve done work at where if something like this happens, they just bury the entire smelting pot. A few have had multiple graves.

  19. We have one buried at the steel mill I work at. Guy fell into an empty torpedo car and molten iron was poured on him.

  20. "Where's the driver?" "Uh... over there, over there... aaaaand over there."

  21. Crop King Purple Kush has been the heaviest, most purple, and tasty auto indica that I've grown to date.

  22. It’s sticky and putting it in the freezer doesn’t do much. The wax paper is coated in the stuff and I’d hate to waste it :( it’s a whole ounce and I want my ounce worth!! Literally all the sides are coated in wax

  23. How long did you leave it in the freezer? It should loosen it up eventually

  24. I like it without tips because i can taste the weed better. And when the joint gets to small, i can just throw it in my one hitter and smoke it that way.

  25. It doesn't change the flavor, just stops the weed from going in your mouth...

  26. Those are some happy plants.

  27. Thanks I probably take better care of them then i do myself 😂

  28. That is something. Very nice.

  29. That's a spider plant, and my guess would be a watering issue.

  30. Did he actually say those things, or are you a clairvoyant?

  31. I was wondering the same thing.

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