1. It would be a first! Never had one to finish πŸ˜”

  2. Oh God, don't stop, make it hard and cum again!!!!

  3. I never pull out, I never use condoms and I can still make babbies!!! So your choice!

  4. I'm partial to Asian girls so sit on my face, my tongue can probe your ass!!!!!!

  5. Your right about that ! It's only been about 10 years. For me ! But good things cum for those who wate !

  6. Been 20 here, so been waiting a long time!!!!!

  7. Me too ! Long been a long time for me ! Tired of doing it my self !

  8. Long time is an understatement!!! 20 years!

  9. You are fine just the way you are! You have perfect tits, don't ruin them!

  10. Yes, that would nearly be perfect!!!

  11. Your tits are perfect!! I love them.

  12. Oh yes, very much so. Been a long time since I had a body that tight!!

  13. I'm glad to hear someone say they enjoyed this, I have a hard time doing rough, I just don't want to make it painful. I would rather slowly pleasure my partner!

  14. Your beautiful and freckles don't matter!!

  15. Sweetheart, I would let you make up for the time I've lost, you suck my dick as often and long as you wanted! I have had my cock sucked in over 20 years and even at that it wasn't very good.

  16. I could enjoy your body the rest of my life. I would make up happier than you have ever been. But..... it's all just a fantasy, and at this point it doesn't even get me hard since it's just not real πŸ˜”

  17. It's never just for my pleasure!!!! I love eating pussy and making a woman cum!!!!!!!

  18. Well, that's most all the girls on here!!!!

  19. I love your boobies!!!! They are perfect

  20. You would have to ask him, I can say I never have!!!! I enjoy the moment and who I'm with to much!

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