1. first ever hentai i've watched

  2. What's the full name. For research purposes of cause. Nvm. Got it.

  3. Imagine not building a house out of cardboard.

  4. Dieser Kommentarbereich wurde von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland annektiert.

  5. I love the OP of the first Railgun anime: only my raingun

  6. Cyberpunk Edgerunner has some very good songs

  7. You lucky soul. Watch as much stuff you like as you can right now. Gain a general knowledge of anime so that you’ll be able to recognize a lot of things, even if you haven’t seen them. Just enjoy the heck out of it, because it might become hard to do so. By the way, you got a MAL or AL?

  8. Im guessing MAL stands for Myanimelist. No I have them in watch later on AniMixPlay.

  9. Ah, that’s fair. When I started keeping track of what I watched, I tracked them with the bookmark feature of Kissanime. I regret it a bit now since I lost all my bookmarks when Kissanime shut down, and had to rebuild my list from memory on MyAnimeList. I got everything I watched back though, so I’m pretty much fine.

  10. I wrote down every anime i watched in a document. On there i have the watch later. Should probably write the down or make a MAL

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