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  1. Along the same lines, making veganism harder than it needs to be is really not helping anyone. I think we’ve all been stuck needing dinner in a town where every restaurant menu is fish and potatoes and mayonnaise-drenched-coleslaw, and you’re in a horrible mood and making veganism look like pure suffering. If eating oysters is okay, we can have a real dinner at those restaurants!

  2. Until evolution catch’s up with oysters and nobody was scanning for brains on them for years and people ate them while they gained conscious

  3. Ideally I think it’s not a problem but realistically you should practice something useful for human life, or even better for your possible children.

  4. It’s only subjective in the unknown. In the known it’s semantically in physics not subjective. So realistically it’s not subjective. To argue it’s subjective makes you redundant. It’s like saying “it is technically raining today because it is in another country” when your friend said it’s not raining in the area you reside. I think the question shouldn’t be taken out of it’s implied context like it does everytime or at least state in the known or unknown instead

  5. It’s interesting reading these comments on this particular sub. I mean, the WFPB philosophy is pretty black and white. Oil every now and then isn’t going to hurt you, but it’s a big no on a WFPB diet.

  6. You can just eat weed itself and get high. It’s physically an herb, a whole food

  7. You can eat it, but you won't get high unless you decarboxylate it first.

  8. I get it if say, your hobby is auto repair. Plenty of room for a few cars. I don't think every yard should have to be an herb garden. That said, I think this would be cool with a maze of large planters.

  9. I’m surprised by the number of negative comments. I knew a number of (university) faculty in both the U.S. and abroad that lived in “company” housing and they thought it was a great benefit.

  10. You use a personal definition of veganism that excludes almost every other person that identifies as vegan.

  11. Is the study of the meaning of words. It’s very simple. You ignore the meaning of my words. Now you’re mad I’ve studied a very small percentage of language? Do you get upset when someone talks about elements just because it’s not seemingly relevant to you even though it physically is everyday? That would be irony

  12. Could we have soldiers that fire from house and enemy’s that tried to blow it up?

  13. I’m a 5’10 160 pound adult and this is a third of my calories for a dollar 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. I was bed ridden for two years because of cops AND doctors.

  15. We need to see actual evidence not words that say the evidence, like a recording of something microscopic for example

  16. The 1 k average includes people on SSDI. So it includes people who had ample work history. Max for people who have not worked is 794/month. It went up from 771 a month 5 years ago. There is not a single Place in the entire USA where the cost of living is 794/month. Not a single place.

  17. And people on ssi you mentioned, if they save more than 2000$ they take away their disability completely because apparently saving means you no longer have hip problems

  18. My boyfriend just got accepted and because he lives in a place he doesn’t need to pay rent, he only gets $560 a month.

  19. Subs like this and people in general need to talk about this more. Disabled are extremely mistreated and other problems honestly shouldn’t be priority compared to these issues.

  20. If you like pressure on your forearm from the door putting leverage on you from this Neanderthal design

  21. I don’t react that way on acid that’s all I know

  22. If there was a generic grocery store and access to other people I wouldn’t mind

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