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  1. She made a mistake in going there, she was in a bad spot cause of it. I'm happy we got her back, hopefully this is a refresher to everyone on the fact that we should not be going into Russia. End of the story. People are making this situation so much more complicated than it is all over the internet. Also freaking out that we traded her for an arms dealer. This dude is retired he isn't in this business anymore and to start it up again would be way to risky for him at this point. He's gonna go back to Russia and lay as low as possible for the sake of his own life. I think it was a good decision, we saved this woman's life. Sure what she did was stupid but she really does not deserve prison in Russia. I don't agree with Biden on everything he does but I think this was the right call at the end of it all.

  2. the only one who should be claiming him is his local county prison

  3. I do if someone messages me privately. I defiantly want to know who I'm talking to before I press the accept button and walk into a potential train wreck.

  4. Personally I have never heard a feminist react like that. Usually feminists understand what the ameba effect is and that holding an entire demographic for the accounts of some is ethically wrong. I believe you may have been talking to misandrists. Some of them will claim to be feminists and yet violate many of the principles of what feminism actually is and hold view points that most actual feminists disagree with. I would recommend joining

  5. They are probably referring to gender not sex. Gender is a social construct and sex is the biological condition. so they probably mean that transmen can get pregnant because their assigned sex at birth was female.

  6. Actually your lack of complication in expressing your desire for sex would be highly refreshing and welcome to many men.

  7. thanks lol I always thought it was clunky and unsexy. I sort of just say what I want with most stuff but like not in a graceful seductive way.. My poker face is bad lol

  8. honestly i think foreplay and “sexy talk” is way more important to women. i’ll ask my bf if he wants to have sex and instant boner

  9. my boyfriend is actually more into foreplay than I am, i dont care for it but he is always tryna play around like that. our conversation are "baby quit playing with my nipples." "but I love you" "dose my cute stuff need a BJ" "are you trying to put me to sleep?" "yes I want to play video games" "but i want to cuddle" "ok cute stuff come here" five minutes of petting him while he lays on me he is asleep I move him off me and get some alone time.

  10. I’ve always heard that circumcision is safer (less chance for infection), but have never validated that intel - but have also had no reason to, if that helps.

  11. that's not an issue if you clean your dick. Just keep it clean and you will be fine. very easy just pull it back and clean it off. it should be instinctive to clean as well. you will become sensitive to the smells and consistancy and have an urge to clean it. Mother nature did a good job making this all work naturally.

  12. Against it. We shouldn't be doing this sort of thing to babies it's pretty messed up. I don't really care about tradition and I'm not gonna shame people who chose to do it becaise it was normalized to them. I get how indoctrination works, you were told your whole life it's normal and fine and everyone around you had it done so you don't know any better. At this point though you have to look outside of that normalization and realize it for what it is, infant mutilation. So now at the end of the day I think we need to leave that weird messed up ritual behind us. Time to just leave baby penises alone. I mean if they are adults and want to do it then cool "oh well it's worse to do when you are older" ya but it's also then your decision and not one that was made without your consent as a baby. Really also we have to normalize natural penises as well, some parts of the world really shame natural dick and it's pretty bananas crazy. Let the dick keep its cozy.

  13. this lil rage nugget goes to the bathroom after he is done crying to look at his face in the mirror.

  14. this looks like deep fake, you can tell because his face stays expressionless and stable and also the last frame his eyes are really badly done.

  15. My INFP boyfriend found me on Tinder about 2 years ago. He was not expecting to find anyone. He talked to a lot of girls on there but it never turned into anything. I told him about how my other dates had canceled on and stood me up and I would actually like to just go on a normal date with someone. He said "sure I can take you out on one" so we did. Turns out though it was like winning the lottery. I'm and INTP and he is INFP and we are perfect for each other.

  16. those big scary moral/political questions that people are afraid to ask each other. I mean you would want to know if your partner was a misogynist/political extremist before you date him

  17. they forgot to mention that the 5 year-old was piggy backed for 3/4ths of it. I have walked on long walks with 5 year olds you not fooling anyone. "I'm tired, carry me" is gonna happen after 2 hours of walking

  18. lol i was tried to be generous but yes, some days they dont even want to walk at all.

  19. I love imagining someone cradling Charlie in a blanket like a baby and saying "well the blue spaces are where are all the people live you little psychopath"

  20. yes they do start them from the middle, a lot of jigsaw freaks refuse to start with the sides. Also they will start with the categorizing colors, textures, shadowing and angles so if he organized them adn then started working with the beige tone pieces this is exactly how it would have turned out... I like jigsaws

  21. Its ok I dont have a problem with it but just don't let me see it.

  22. I'm pro-Israel and a diaspora Jew; I agree with this comment completely. Do you think there's room in this whole discourse for Jews who support the existence of Israel, but dislike and strongly disagree with Israeli policy toward Palestinians? Or does someone have to be puritanically against the very existence of a Jewish state to oppose Israeli policy toward Palestine?

  23. I mean sure Israel can stay a country but like cut it out with the whole Palestinian hate.

  24. Yeah I agree here, it just gets tough when you have posts like this, where all the comments are one-sided and blaming Israel for the conflict. I think we can all agree that the occupation of the West Bank is toxic to both sides, resulting in increased hatred for one another. But at the same time, I don't think anyone could reasonably argue that if Israel withdrew from the West Bank, that the violence would stop. They already tried to withdraw from Gaza in return for peace and look where that got them. The West Bank is too large to risk it turning into another Gaza, the IDF doesn't have the capability to effectively police that border and the Iron Dome doesn't have the capacity to intercept rocket launches from so large a territory so close to Israeli population centers. From a strategic standpoint, I just don't see how people can reasonably expect Israel to withdraw from the territory, even though it is the only way to end the conflict.

  25. ya I agree with all of this, what state would the west bank be left with at the end? would it actually be better? its not gonna stop all the crazy hatred. I mean the first thing has to be to cut out this Palestinian hate out of the population over time and then we can talk about what happens with west bank. But if all that hatred is still there it doesn't matter at the end of the day. There really is just no clear solution to this problem. its such a freaking crazy mess that any move made can potentially make things worse. it is absolutely atrocious to see how people are being treated right now. I'm so amazed that on person can look at another person and dehumanize them so much. So much crazy brainwashing going on.

  26. um this is not so much about someone being used for the act of a one night stand. Its more how the person was manipulated into believing something else. Regardless of gender you should be upfront with your sexual partners about what you want and what your plans are. If you tell someone one thing and then do the opposite simply to get what you want then you are "using" or better term is "deceiving" that person. Why is it equated with women? Because of sexist tradition. Women were considered sacred objects who were supposed to save themselves for one man who they will belong to for their lives. So this mindset means that a man not giving a women a promise of marriage means that he violated her purity or virtue. Nowadays that's not really a thing for most people unless you still subscribe to traditional religious practice. So being used now is more a term for when you deceive anyone to get what you want out of them.

  27. that movie teeth. It really was shaming us ladies with the calcium stalactites we got going on down their. like, its cavernous what did you expect to find down there?

  28. the contemplation of real permanent death (no afterlife)

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