Kyrie Andrew Irving in a loss vs. the Bulls: 4 pts / 6 rebs / 7 asts / 3 turnovers on 2-12 FG / 0-6 3PT

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  1. You should have just kept this info to yourself or talked about it in your own platforms. Literally 0 reasons to drag the community into your beef with LC. Almost every StS chat has a !streak or !wr, you don't see those streamers coming here and trying to stir up drama that was already dying down if not already dead. It's a gray area and since there are no clearly defined rules on what a streak is then it makes no sense to police others streaks outside your platform.

  2. I think you're underestimating how consistently this community has defined winstreaks for 4+ years by a very long way.

  3. I like your content but this subreddit isn’t a good place for streamers to define winstreaks and bring drama

  4. Naw. Swipe left and revel in confidence

  5. You have bullet time + runic pyramid and a poison build with multiple defense source (crane, -strength cards, 2 footwork+), you tell me that you attribute the win to tiny house ...

  6. Not sure If anyone has mentioned yet but this card can be awkward against the heart. If you don’t have a loop or calipers then sometimes you are doubling a defend just so you don’t take beat of death damage

  7. It seems like nearly every time I rest with dream catcher I find the exact card I’m looking for

  8. Lol good job. This seed was apparently destined for the minimalist achievement

  9. I don’t think I ever took this card before watching Xecnar play. Now I’ll always pick it if the other card options aren’t good

  10. The good news is you didn’t need tongs to upgrade your burns

  11. Tungsten rod, blue candle, centennial puzzle, writhe. Lol

  12. Same way you leg sweep an enemy with no legs

  13. The same way bag of marbles makes flying enemies vulnerable

  14. Could you please make a toxic egg poster?

  15. Is there a way to filter out basketball posts?

  16. I. Just. Want. The. Fucking. Dirt. PLEASE

  17. How does someone get exiled from the nba for saying a racist word while heated playing video games but another dude basically has zero repercussions for sharing antisemitic videos and then backing it up during a media interview

  18. Sometimes I feel like the game gives you one potion, and then decides, "fuck it, let it ride"

  19. Fuck it, here’s three carnages in pots, go kill the nob. He’s a loud downstairs neighbor

  20. It's great for Nob, but let's not look past how good it is for sentries and Sleepyboi.

  21. Yes it’s very good against sentries too. It’s ok against laga

  22. Not having to choose between blocking or attacking when facing a 20 dmg lavagulin attack seems good.

  23. Sure you can block for 10 but the 5 damage per energy is not a big contributor to kill laga before a debuff, and silent is very very light already on damage. There are so many better cards against laga, like poison stab, deadly poison, crippling cloud, eviscerate, predator, fumes, terror. Compared to other options, dash is just ok

  24. I’ll never forget Allen destroying Wisconsin in the ncaa championship with his drives to the rim. Was lethal

  25. I feel like the whole concept of loud though is to use explosives

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