A son reunited with her mom after many years apart

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  1. Y’all should crowd fund them a vacation to the US so they can fuck around and find out

  2. Lmao USA. The land of fuck around and find out at its finest

  3. They’re gonna love him wherever he’s at. Just know he’s looking down on you with many slobbery kisses, he’s waiting for you. You’ll see him again on that rainbow bridge and I’m sure he’ll come awkwardly galloping to meet you there

  4. I'm missing my boy real bad right now and was reading thru comments. Yours made me smile so big! I hope you're doing well friend ❤

  5. its all cope. Women have options these days no matter how hot i am, rich i am, strong i am, educated i am. One flaw is the biggest flaw penis size.

  6. Not true at all my guy. Its about your attitude and confidence. Own that shit and no one will say a thing.

  7. The after effect is horrible to watch. This guy was in extreme pain

  8. This is very sweet but why did that dude look like a golden retriever that just spotted a squirrel in the back yard?

  9. Who the hell gives money to rich people? You take sand to the beach?

  10. Yes. A horse kick can easily kill you.

  11. Same! I've been looking thru the comments to see if anyone knows what happened to that guy. He definitely has some broken ribs at the very least.

  12. I remember my babysitter when I was 6 had good sized iguana. Thing took her index finger off one day. Good times

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