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  1. Cool. Paper prints are hard to do well without a vacuum. What machine are you using? Or is it all manual

  2. Im thinking start at 4 minutes. If it doesn’t wash out go down in 30 second increments

  3. I can't believe this is even necessary in 2022

  4. We are only 9 years from the Supreme court ruling. Obama ran as someone against gay marriage.

  5. As a business owner this is exactly why I ignore the constant cold calls and emails I get from people that do what you do. I learned some basic skills and cut out all these ridiculous mark ups

  6. There are quite a few steps. Search color separation on youtube. And I would suggest modifying the art before doing the seperations into the colors you are planing to print. You can use channels to adjust with a limited color palette.

  7. My dick works great and I never think about cleaning it besides my daily shower. So I don’t think circumcising is some great atrocity

  8. Aviant makes most of the brands. Almost every plastisol is gonna be fine. Just dont use hobby stuff like speedball

  9. How did this guy get a part time job that pays enough to survive and enjoy luxuries like a personal trainer?

  10. A trainer is not much if you have a skilled position part time or not

  11. Family friendly entertainment does great without forcing lgbtq stories. Minions are not gay or straight. Sing characters are not gay or straight. Bluey is not gay or straight. They keep pushing a narrative instead of making stuff people want to see.

  12. 3 art degrees and you thought those tattoos were a good idea. Clearly you learned nothing.

  13. Can’t wait to see this way way overpriced stock come crashing down to where it belongs

  14. While thats a nice thing for him to say, Chadwicks box office outside of the MCU is low just like the other leads. The point Quentin made is that true Stars like we see with Dicaprio can pick and make a film huge. An audience trusting the star to be the draw is different then a role that is very well cast.

  15. Im normally only like a few seats away from the exit so I get out pretty quickly.

  16. Is Biden gonna do the right thing and let him run though? Biden has an out at his age. The Dems need to look strong again. And Biden can basically pick who he wants to back and help campaign for them.

  17. I think stupid novelty gifts are different than scams. Pretty hard to be outraged about this

  18. The gift is clearly not what it is being sold as. When you buy a pet rock you know exactly what it is. This is 100% claiming you get a valid title that you can use.

  19. Seems like a pretty easy fix since its just gonna be adjusted in software.

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