1. they must owe you a lot of money 🥺

  2. Aww, Ham Solo was my last hamster’s name. She was great. Passed ~3 years ago now. 😢

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss 💕 I will give my Ham Solo a treat in memory of your baby

  4. Ham Solo is the second greatest hamster name I’ve ever heard

  5. What is that position?? How is he sleeping?

  6. LOL I have no clue! He is sleeping behind his wheel. Kind of sitting on his bum!

  7. He’s been going at it since I put it in his enclosure!!!! He’s so cute, I love his little legs

  8. Thanks a lot ! That was really comforting to hear !

  9. It was absolutely amazing, grabbed a beer, found myself a spot on the side and vibed to the music. It was the best show I have ever seen, what I felt is impossible to explain. It really made me realize that I need to get out of my comfort zone more. I would go back in a heartbeat ! Your advice really motivated me !

  10. so glad you had such a good experience!! i felt the same after seeing them live, breathtaking!:)

  11. go at 7. in vancouver the doors opened at 7 and there was a slight delay and he wasn’t on stage until 8:30. but if it’s admission get there asap and bring your id (i did not and my boyfriend had to text me photos of mine from home and the guy almost didn’t let me in)

  12. I have assigned seats, will they not let me in if I’m a bit late?

  13. varies show to show. Saturday in Toronto, doors are at 7pm, I (Lowswimmer/Ed Tullett) will be playing a lil set at 7:20pm, Lutalo at 8pm and Novo at 9pm. But it’s different every show - for example tonight in Chicago doors we’re at 6pm and Novo is on at 7:45pm!

  14. Omg thank you! I don’t want to miss your set. See you at 7 😭

  15. Can you provide a link to the artist who sold you the covers? I love them!

  16. These are so freaking gorgeous! I love them so much, I think Midnight Sun and Breaking Dawn might be my favorites. Thank you for sharing.

  17. I am in LOVE with the Twilight and New Moon dust covers! So pretty!

  18. It was awesome! Seeing the bit of sunlight hit the crowd reminded me of the opening of the lion king lol

  19. Seems like we had the same view, albeit mine was from the 500s.

  20. I was lucky to sit in 221L thanks to a client of my work! Was so nice once the dome opened!

  21. I can’t see anyone but Kristen and Robert playing Edward and Bella. I don’t know. They are just perfect.

  22. What do you mean "it was one book out of three, but the books weren't connected"? Do you mean that you purchased three random books? If they are all by the same author, for example, then that is a connection.

  23. So it was written by one author, someone else solved it. Called bad habit. But there was three books and it was called the bad love series!

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