1. Heh, all good. Does that make the puzzle any clearer?

  2. Yeah idk if I've ever seen a dude not go to the AS with the numbers he has put up

  3. Lmao this is definitely something I'd never thought I'd see

  4. Happy to hear he lost. I still find it weird so many celebs support him

  5. Yeah I've noticed It as well. Seems more prevalent than ever

  6. I meant player props lol. My bad should have been more specific

  7. The game is so fast these days ISO triple threat moves don't fit. Isolation ball slows everything down. Nobody likes to play that D'Antoni style that Harden and Melo made famous

  8. D’Antoni style is whatever fits his players. He is mostly known for Seven Seconds or Less and pick and rolls surrounded by shooters

  9. I remember the Steve Nash Amare days. But he's also known for ISo basketball when he had a superstar like Melo or Harden. He used to let Leandro Barbosa run wild in Phoenix. He definitely coaches to players strengths

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