1. See page 173 of the owner's Manual - Letter "E"

  2. That's for the instrument cluster with 7-inch display...

  3. Since the 2023s are just arriving, there won't be many people here with experience. The best thing you can do right now is to read your owner's manual. If the 2021-22 models could customize their dashboard displays, I'm certain the 2023s can.

  4. I had a '22 Prius Prime Limited and was able to change between EV range and remaining charge. In the Prius, remaining charge was more accurate.

  5. Thanks, but I'm asking about it in the instrument cluster, not in the HUD. My xdrive45e didn't come with the package that includes the HUD.

  6. AFAIK you have to have XLE Premium or higher to get an interior release / button for the liftgate.

  7. Ask the electrician to install a Hubbell 9450A 14-50 receptacle. Much better than the cheap Home Depot / Lowes receptacles that like to melt under constant, heavy load.

  8. No problem! I just went through this process myself. I have a Prime on the way and the parents just got a plug-in hybrid BMW X5 so we had to get a 240V, 50A outlet installed.

  9. Gotta get a good dongle! Anker has some good ones in black, no speaker crackle. Also they make small adapters that turn it wireless.

  10. Anker doesn't make wireless CarPlay adapters. You're probably thinking of Carlinkit.

  11. The problem with those aftermarket Android HUs is that they hardly get any after sales support from the seller. Also, I have not seen one that is able to re-use the stock microphones that are already installed in the car, forcing you to run the aftermarket's included and often very inferior microphone, to somewhere in the car. Same with the GPS antenna.

  12. ThinkWare Q1000 + rear bundle directly from ThinkWare.

  13. That makes sense and is a great convenience.

  14. Getting a second 14-50, 240V, 50A oulet installed would have cost me over a grand. My breaker box is full already (no space for additional breakers). The NeoCharge only cost me $150 on eBay. My EV chargers are Emporia Level 2s.

  15. It is hard to beat $150. I was going off the list price which I am not convinced is sustainable given the competition.

  16. I saw the Grizzl-E Duo and ClipperCreek dual units, but the "problem" with those: If the unit goes bad, you have no EV charger. With two separate units, at least I only have to deal with moving the charger to the other car in the middle of the night vs. no charging at all.

  17. $805 to register my 2023 Prime here in NV. My Prius Prime last year cost $650 to register.

  18. I was interested in this, but you have to remove some of the dash to install, so I passed on it.

  19. Yeah trying to put an insulated mug in was weird. I'm sure it would fit your average soda can or 16oz. soda bottle.

  20. The charger is in the car. Any EVSE will not be able to draw more than the MAX (32 amps) you chose in the car. For 32 amps you would need a 40 amp breaker (for safety). For the R4P, a 48 amp system is "over kill," but 48 amps would be to "future proof" your system in case you buy a car in the future that has a charger than can draw about 40 amps.

  21. You could wait till 2024 for the new body style. Then again they may delay the Prime to be available in 2025.

  22. Never buy the first or second year of a car after a redesign or after its initial launch if you can help it. Learned my lesson when I bought the first year of the 10th gen. Civic Hatchback and the first year of the C-HR.

  23. This is not a new model at all. It’s just a updated refresh. No reason not to buy it. I bought some brand new models in the past. They have been fine. For example I bought a 2012 Honda crv. First model. 10 years later it’s fine. My parents have a 2017 Honda crv first year model. 5 years later it’s fine no issues.

  24. Good god people. I wasn't talking about this car specifically. I was speaking about cars in general.

  25. Thanks for answering the simple question.

  26. Be persistent. I live in NV so the dealers here never get Primes. I've been calling all the SoCal dealers the past two months. Finally called one at the right time and have a Prime XSE w/ premium package that's supposed to get to Long Beach on Dec. 3.

  27. If your VIN starts with "JTMFB" I'd trust the vspec sheet info over the Toyota Owners VIN check site. Only the RAV4 Primes with premium package should start with those 5 characters. The reason I am asking is because I see Premium Package listed as a FIO, and this is only available for RAV4 Primes XSE with Premium Package (aka R4P w/PP).

  28. Thanks for the info.! My VIN does start with "JTMFB" and it is a Prime XSE with premium package.

  29. Check out Montway as well. Friends in the military have told me that their service was pretty good.

  30. I have two rav4 primes 2023 coming to my dealership pretty soon. One with the premium package and one without. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

  31. Thanks again for your offer and trying to work with me.

  32. We got ours from mountain states Toyota in Denver for msrp. We were on a wait list for 3-4 months and had to turn the first one down because we ended up house hunting. We got our next opportunity 3 months after that.

  33. Just contacted them and they also do not sell to out-of-staters now.

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