1. Man, Linux sucks so hard. Can't believe it gave me a six figure remote-only job with no degree

  2. I try to put it in the rubbish bin but magically it appears back again.

  3. It looks likes two powerful lizard people preparing to fight each other. The left one is some sort of shaman with three legs and three arms, an eyestalk coming out of his ass, and armed with a power glove that also has its own arm. The other reptoid is a warrior armed with a table fan and seems very proud of it while balancing himself quite skillfully on a pole... I think the warrior is outmatched and in desperate need of a reality check.

  4. Oh shit, why did no one see this. It's is such a bat shit crazy idea that there is no way it could have been made up.

  5. Nah, you guys just don't read enough crappy online erotica

  6. Hm, you're right. There's far too much porn out there for that plotline to have not been used probably multiple times.

  7. Especially when it crashes every few decades and causes economic downturns each time

  8. That's what blows my mind. How many fking pages was Dodd-Frank and they didn't think to regulate that aspect of the residential real estate market!? It wasn't just the banks giving out ARMs like candy and turning around and investing heavily in the mortgage-backed securities it generated. It was further exacerbated by excessive corporate real estate trading and buying like this. As usual, gov only fixes part of the problem.

  9. My gf has a theory that mass lead poisoning (similar to Ancient Rome) is the reason for crazy political strife in our country (USA). Boomers grew up in lead coffins and now are displaying signs of long term lead poisoning & happens to be the people in charge for the last 20 years. Just a theory.

  10. Seems logical. If true, that hopefully means the future will be much better once the lead-poisoned generation all die off.

  11. Then it turns out you have low quality sperm rendering you practical infertile. At least you had lots of sex before your species all died out.

  12. I like how he included the panel where Spongebob points to the literal steaming pile of shit that is the vast majority of Disney's sequels.

  13. This literally happened to me when training someone in a simple job.

  14. My first computer was Windows 98 but I remember 95. Windows XP was the shit! I still miss it.

  15. same, I just hope they don't write better stories and animate better stuff because then we would have entire AI movies, and thats sad.

  16. No one with credentials would agree with that.

  17. Absolutely, he was a remarkable person. That is blatantly obvious. It is annoying when clearly biased people are hostile toward his story. However, we do need to be truthful and realistic about who and what he was. We also need to be accurate about what happened around him since almost no one seems to ever take into consideration the historical setting he was in when considering his circumstances. A lot of details are still unknown and up for debate and speculation but, again, we need to be realistic and base it all on the facts of what is known.

  18. like his mom obviously cheated on Joseph and concocted the most ridiculous story to cover it up.

  19. I wouldn't say it was "obvious" but it was certainly a possibility. I think it is actually more likely her and Joseph had premarital sex conceiving Jesus given how nice and understanding he was. A typical man of his time and culture normally wouldn't have been so cool about a cheating wife, even if it was only a suspicion. It would also help explain the real motivation behind them moving from Nazareth to get away from the judgement since there may have been suspicions of her infidelity or of them both for partaking in premarital sex.

  20. everytime someone tryna prove video game and violence relation, they start showing people that mw2 clip of No Russian

  21. You mean that part in the game that contains a trigger warning, option to skip, and only contains a few minutes of actual shooting civvies before encountering surprisingly difficult decked out fighters like normal?

  22. But, but, the GTA V mothers and the news were talking about… they cause violence because correlation always means causation!

  23. You know, I'm something of a scientist myself and I believe you are correct.

  24. it's like finger crack. I just can't stop myself from doing it.

  25. I hate to break it to you, but there's currently a good example of a neighboring lord having beef in a developed 21st century society.

  26. Damn. Well, it might be playing a little fast and loose calling Russia a "modern and civilized 21st century society". But, I see your point there.

  27. He sometimes needs to travel back in time to stir up new content

  28. Sideprojects nowadays is always a list of things. It’s a top 10 / list video in all but name.

  29. Sideprojects are generally shorter lists with no rule on how many and go more into detail. TopTenz is always ten items and are short and to the point. Sideprojects also leans more toward Simon's casual format commonly found in his newer channels.

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