1. “Your squad is fully upgraded for 140pts. Mine is a minimum of 140pts. We are not the same.”

  2. Bikes with Salvo Launchers, allied Armigers (Warglaives or Hellverin depending on what specifically you need help with), and Venerable Contemptor Dreadnoughts are good options too.

  3. This is just my take, but since Arks after Trajann, an Inquisitor, and 2 Allarus for secondaries I bring 3 Hellverin before considering anything else. I think Caladius are fine. But their all or nothing shooting feels a bit unimpressive for the edition. I’ve still got a couple in the list, but I’d drop them in a heartbeat for a couple Warglaives or more Hellverin if I could.

  4. And denies, plus I bring Rex so even if I’m not needing him for psychic stuff he deepstrikes for BEL

  5. I think Pistol Buckler was the ultimate combination in 8th. Double firing was great, but I’ve done some fairly in-depth playtesting with both version in AoO. I gotta say the spears feel better. I know you give up a 2+ for a 3+, but honestly how often are you taking your armor saves these days? The shooting is fairly similar, but their melee is way better. I know you can pistols in melee, but with how I think Venetari should be used you want as much damage up front as possible before they get schwacked by something way cheaper and better. You’re not surfing long enough to usually fire your pistols off again or get that 2+ to matter 80% of the time.

  6. Yeah, makes sense (sort of) don’t need them for witchseekers or anything else

  7. They have the Cultist cap where you’ve got to run equal/more Custodian troops. I think GW was afraid that we’d run them over regular Guard. Which is correct. I would’ve. My issue is that if GW was afraid of us bringing more SoS troops because they’re better. Why not make guard way more appealing.

  8. Yeah, it seems strange to me in Arks, where you can just skip troops and bring wardens and allarus, witchseekers and the like, but Prosectors? That's where they draw the line. They need baby sitters.

  9. This stipulation has been around since the 9th Ed dex. So about a year and a few months give or take. Doubt GW planned it with Arks in mind. I’m just glad I’m not longer required to take any troops and Armigers don’t cost CP now so I’m set.

  10. Armigers? I’ve got a list that has both Caladius and Hellverin. Gotta say I’d totally drop the Caladius for more Hellverin or Warglaives if I could.

  11. Armigers** Thank you for the correction lol. I have Chaos Knights so in my brain everything is a war dog lol, havent really gotten used to the IK names.

  12. I personally think Hellverin (Autocannons) are the best for Custodes. We already have access to great melee units so the Warglaives (Melta/melee one) are less optimal overall as they step on the toes of what Custodes already do well. Hellverin fill a role that Custodes don’t do well which is solid long range volumes of firepower.

  13. I feel like the cumbersome equipment rule could be simplified better as well as just making the hetaeron shield just a praesidium shield. Maybe make it say a model equipped with a shield can only take a paragon sword, a solerite talon, or a solerite fist. I dig the rest of the rules though. I like the take on some 30k wargear being brought into 40K.

  14. I like the idea of Spear/Axe+Shield combos as you can do that in 30k to an extent. Just the bigger heftier weapons are a bit less good if you pair them with a shield. I wanted the Hetaeron Shields to also be a bit better than the regular Praesidium Shields as I think only +1 armor save is a bit meh.

  15. I love these rules, very fun although perhaps a little too efficient.

  16. Pyrithite/Adrasite spears have no right to be as expensive as they are. And like with many Custodes units they definitely are over costed. This is a bit more indicative of what I think they should be.

  17. Yeah, I’m trying to sub out my dreads currently for allarus and wardens to see if they pack the same punch. Last few games my dreads under performed and failed charges, figured some DS allarus and warden squads may be more reliable

  18. Oh I love my dreads personally, but I use mine mostly to give Trajann and the Blade Wiz some bodyguards to get them where they need to go.

  19. Do you use contemptors, Ach, or gal?

  20. Achillus all the way my guy. They slap hard. 6 3 damage shooting matches in well with Hellverin and D3+3 kills knights pretty effectively too. Galatus having a 4++ is cool, but they are no threat until they’re in melee which I find worse that Achillus. VenCon’s have play but I think Ach are better and never find enough point to stick one in. Plus Hellverin are the same points as a VenCon and better.

  21. Fight or flight? I think we know how the Custodes answer that question.

  22. 2013? Even in 2013 digital rules would be an expectation it's more like the 1970s.

  23. Your missing Telemon and adding an imperial knight as well 😎

  24. I do wish ours were a bit better. If Auric was end of turn it’d be fantastic. If Might of Terra was just “More enemy models killed than friendly Custodes” it could be decent. Personally think Auric is too bad as is. It’s too easy to deny by pulling a unit off the board.

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