1. I always thought Morvran looked too much like Wh*reson jr…

  2. On my second play through right now and I went the ursine route. My only complaint with it so far is that the collar makes long and loose hair look kinda dumb.

  3. Master crafted feline with long and loose hair and the full beard. 👌

  4. Reminds me of a similar video where an old guy drew his gun when a skater got close to him. Smh.

  5. Yeah but riding horseback fully kitted up in gear is so much more badass.

  6. It’s ok to be an average joe who only has a base knowledge of SUT, TCCC, and average weapon skills. Not everyone in your group is going to be an elite operator. Maybe you’re the guy who gets left on guard duty while the more experienced guys go perform an op. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be continuously trying to improve your skills, but I think a willingness to perform taxing and mundane day to day chores for the survival of your group is much more valuable than some dude who thinks he’s going to be John Wick because he spent thousands of dollars on Gucci kit. If you have a hard time with things like taking out the trash or doing dishes then maybe you need to rethink your priorities because when shtf there will be no shortage of tasks to do and you better be ready to carry your own weight. Also cutting corners will be much less forgiving. Discipline will be key.

  7. I just made my entire personality getting banned from gunsarecool. Stop attacking me.😣

  8. repeal the second amendment. stupid conservatives should get what they deserve

  9. Lol we have the talking sticks bitch. This isn’t up for debate.

  10. All my homies mount their optics past the muzzle device. 💯😤

  11. …I would literally smash a chick if her skin was all m81.

  12. Not defending Agilite, but I think people forget that nylon gear, QD tubes, and Velcro are all consumable items. They wear and tear just like the clothes you use everyday. Now if this happened after minimal use then I’d be pissed too.

  13. Embrace your inner giga chad. Get a Baofeng and transmit without a license. When people ask for your call sign, just say “no.” When they report you to the FCC rest easy knowing that the FCC doesn’t give a crap about you transmitting without a license. Sad hams everywhere will cry themselves to sleep knowing some random dude is out there doing what took them hundreds of dollars, hours of studying, and multiple exams to do. Sow chaos across the radio waves. Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Embrace your legacy.

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