1. I'm mixed up on what happened. Did the obnoxious guy with the camera have anything to do with the kid in the aisle?

  2. I find the concept of having people need to pay to use a restaurant incredibly dumb.

  3. Eric Bischoff has just woken up out of bed, and spined with enough energy to cause a nuclear explosion.

  4. I don't know how many years it'll take: but I'm waiting for the "Vincent Kennedy McMahon was a longtime WON subscriber post." This isn't because I wish Vince would die, but I feel it'd be the best WON subscriber jerk ever and would officially end the WON subscriber jerk for good.

  5. "no cesaro its ok, you can just come out here in your street clothes, it'll look great."

  6. I don’t think this is recent? If it is, damn. It looks a bit old though.

  7. aew mfs claiming aew doesn't need no pc when one of their wrestlers fucks up the worlds most basic move

  8. Vince McMahon comes running down the ramp because someone fucked up going over the top rope again

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