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  1. “not kidding anymore” might have worked better but still a solid joke. 3 1/2 stars.

  2. Women are not on their own and they’re all the same as the other ones that I have asked them in for a long period of time to be able and they don’t have a lot to say about to the person that lives on their lives so they are so proud of you for the most of their life is not a long time and you have a long life together

  3. This is not bullying, that term is being thrown around to liberally, teasing yes, testing someone if they will stand up for themselves, yes. Just general goofing around, there is no deep meaning to be gotten! There is a technique though for inflicting the most pain from towel!

  4. I agree. Not bullying. Just horse play. Did the younger kid like it? Probably not. Does he feel included? Absolutely

  5. For anyone curious what I'm referring to:.

  6. Coming from a former meth user I would think people would get addicted to the adrenaline boost just the same.

  7. Ahem, I’m 33 and I’ll have you know I’m usually more than competent to piece together a sentence’s meaning even when it includes “finna.” Not always, though. 2 or more “finnas” and I’m lost.

  8. You can't be this dumb. You made the "case" pre-emptively based on nothing, and the "he's doing it for attention" angle is just a random thought, not even a guess. You don't just decide what someone else is thinking in your head, divorced from reality, and then look for signs that "prove" that, and then genuinely think you've figured something out.

  9. Why? Because some trailer park fuck like you said so? I already explained why you're wrong, you just keep repeating the same shit, like a retarded child.

  10. Trailer park retard. How original. I made more money in a year then you make in a day. And the box I live in may not be as big as a trailer but it doesn’t smell since I got the dead rat out. I’d be careful saying such hatful things bc my sister wife will have something to say to you. Turd

  11. Twin peaks, I have the exact same vhs bundle

  12. Sounds a bit too late to be asking the question. But I say, follow your dreams! I hope you do well!!

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