1. Yes! I love her so much. Her body is so beautiful, so I’m glad she knows that. She seems happier as well lately! I love the transparency

  2. I am going to be the weirdo but “IT” was the one for me. He just …. Rambles differently in that book.

  3. This is a great question! I am not sure who my structure twin would be as I have a hard time looking at my physique objectively!

  4. Your cat and home are amazing !!!!! 🥰🖤🔥I’d size down but you look great !

  5. She didn't want to say she was with Anastasia bc she's in hot water rn and currently getting cancelled. Too bad Kim, there were other ppl there 😝

  6. He looks so different. It always confuses me when influencers that preach “natural, schrooms are medicine” etc do a lot of cosmetic unnatural things to themselves

  7. I am just now on my last month/week. I enjoy my coach specifically but I wouldn’t recommend DLD to anyone who’s intermediate or above. The prices are RIDICULOUS now. I was “grandfathered” in and I just am not able to convince myself what you get is worth that price. Other coaches- sure but I only like my coach at that place ha

  8. Thank you guys! Preordered it I needed a pick me up today… it’s been rough. His books always help

  9. So I’m in my last month of coaching for lifestyle I get a weekly check in my macros are 100% for me as my work out step goals etc. I paid 275 a month and that’s a grandfathered in pricing. Honestly I was told the current price is near 400 a month and I would not do that.

  10. Depends which line you get. We’re about the same well when I first bought mine I can help!

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