1. Best thing I ever did. Work less hours, earn more money, am much happier. Best of luck!

  2. After reading these comments I need some suggestions on which air fryer to buy! I’ve looked at more expensive ones, but don’t see the difference between them and a £30 one.

  3. Back in the day, no, I didn’t even realise the ethical implications of it. Pretty obvious I guess, but being young sometimes these concepts pass you by.

  4. I’d say for me personally the internet allows me to do a job that didn’t exist in the same way… ie, freelance graphic design, video and photography, working from home. Get to spend loads of time with my kids, if I ever need to learn how to do something for my work, the answer is usually just a 15 minute YouTube tutorial away.

  5. I didn't get my kids the pox vaccine because we didn't know how long the immunity lasts. If they hadn't gotten it by the time they were about 12 I would have gotten them the vaccine. Fun fact. You can get chicken pox from someone with shingles.

  6. This is correct. I got shingles from stress a few years ago, and gave my 1 year old chicken pox. That was a fun week.

  7. Answered no, but technically yeah I guess it is however in reality it doesn’t feel wide, it just feels normal.

  8. Yes, I have looked at a lot of videos with this set up, and the images of course looks just amazing!

  9. The first lens I owned with this camera was the XC 35mm f2, and honestly it was so good. The quality is crazy for such a cheap lens. Just a bit annoying as it doesn’t have an aperture ring, but a great starter lens for this system.

  10. Yes. That is what I am thinking, the quality just looks so good. But I think that about most of the Fuji gear. I used Canon before, and I got nothing bad to say about that, but it is just something special with Fuji that I think is hard to find in other systems.

  11. Ah me too, I had a Canon and was looking at various DSLRs to upgrade to. Then discovered the world of mirrorless cameras and Fuji, and never looked back!

  12. Anyone in the UK had any experience buying from Digital Rev recently? I bought something from them about 10 years ago and from what I remember they paid customs charges.

  13. I went with Panamoz instead when I was in the UK and I’d highly recommend them if you’re going grey market.

  14. Hmm yeah I came across that yesterday. Had never heard of them and thought they looked a bit dodgy!

  15. Photography. Wasn’t going to buy any new gear this year, am about to purchase my third new camera of the year.

  16. I suffered terribly with tonsillitis a few times a year. All my siblings had their tonsils removed but by the time my parents got to me, my mum had fallen deep into homeopathy and wouldn’t get mine taken out.

  17. As long as your doing less hours under the new budget, I’d just go with it. I’ve had this happen, client halved my monthly budget, so we agreed on half the hours, and half the output. Still work with them, and would rather being working with them half the time than not at all.

  18. I’m pretty sure putting up a plastic tree, no matter what colour, is “tacky”. And tbh, almost everything else about Christmas is kind of tacky… exactly as it should be!

  19. Kind of a reach… but my point was almost everything about Christmas is tacky, even a real tree… but that’s how it should be!

  20. Everything about Western Wind, such a perfect vibe. It reminds me of True by Solange, instant classic.

  21. Oh shit, yup that's on me I see what you mean. I didn't take it as controversial and wasn't trying to make it so either, thanks for clearing that up.

  22. Ha that’s ok, just a few other replies here have made it seem like it’s been quite a controversial thing to say 😊 I like the USA a lot, I’ve been all over it. It’s more of a culture shock than I expected and I guess a lot of people don’t realise that before they go.

  23. Yeah I think there's so much negative back and forth on reddit that just mentioning the US fires people up haha I live in the US and there is even a mild culture shock going from the midwest to the south for example, glad you've had some good experiences over here. The difference in our cultures is what makes it so fun to hangout with you guys!

  24. Ha yeah totally. I joined Reddit thinking it seemed more chill than Twitter, no idea why!!

  25. That’s awesome - appreciate that mate ! Do you have experience with AW developing and scanning?

  26. I’ve used AW for developing a few times, always good quality. A little slow but they’re the first to admit that, plus they’re a great company to support

  27. Some people have a problem with focusing in t2. What can you say about it?

  28. Not really had an issue. Maybe 1 missed shot per roll, but I use it for street photography and every camera will miss the occasional shot when shooting quickly. When I have time to stop and compose at a leisurely pace it’s very reliable.

  29. How many years have you had it? That's nice that you havent had any repairs with it

  30. Only got it this year, but I just know that one day it will probably break. Just have to accept it if you want to own this camera.

  31. I'm choosing between these two cameras right now, and I've just ordered an XH2s. An open box one came up on amazon for $400 cheaper today and I have until January 31 to return it. So it's a good opportunity to try it out (relatively) risk free at a discounted price. I also own Fuji lenses so it makes sense, although I wasn't completely against switching. This will primary be a gimbal cam for me (I use Panasonic S series cams as my main/handheld cams) so good AF is somewhat important (why I have considered the FX30), but image quality is my first priority.

  32. Thank you, really appreciate your comment. I am definitely looking at the XH2s now, and I would say for similar reasons. I love my Fuji and always found my old Sony to produce kind of boring images, and uninspiring to use. I know for video people rate them highly but the Fuji really speaks to me and the type of image quality I value.

  33. I see this a lot in middle ages and older men. As a person in that category I would say it’s because of not really feeling the cold too badly, and often getting very warm legs… also my feet get hot for no reason!

  34. I read it incorrectly at first as well, had to go back and re-read. Your mum needs to use punctuation.

  35. for video work get the 18-120mm if you want more reach. That lens is purpose built for video. In comparison the 16-80mm is more of a photo centric lens.

  36. That interesting, hadn’t really looked into that lens. I guess it would still be great for photos too.

  37. Take up photography. If you also have lots of money lying around that you don’t want, photography will help with that too.

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