1. Post says “up to 70% off” is it real? Or will I still end up paying $30, $40. Everything will probably be gone in a day since it’s Miami.

  2. I mean, it's a common marketing practice to say "up to x% off" because it implies that some (read: very few) things are that discounted, but the vast majority probably won't be

  3. Why does she always make that face 😂 can’t stand normally and can’t have a normal expression either

  4. Idk if she can make another face, she has so much lip filler that I'm not sure it's possible

  5. Why can’t she be honest about her life. It would be so much more relatable and interesting to watch her ups and downs than these philosophical ramblings to make everything seem so perfect/planned/meaningful.

  6. Because she doesn't care about being relatable, she cares about feeling better than other people

  7. Locker room fiasco? Please tell me more

  8. does this person have a child(ren)? if so…is she admitting to having made her own formula??

  9. Yes she has kids, not sure if she was this far down the rabbit hole when they needed formula though.

  10. "learned this year" bruh this has been your sole content for like 2 years shut the fuck up honestly

  11. It means single crochet, i think. Google Russian crochet English terms. The middle character is Cyrillic.

  12. I can't believe she's only 24. I thought she was over 30 😐

  13. The caption on this drove me nuts too. The faux relatability of complaining you can't zip up your pants and that your $800 stilettos hurt your feet, such a joke lmao

  14. I would bet my life savings there aren't even 200 questions in total, let alone specifically about a second baby lol

  15. Okay what is going on with her bra lmao. I'm getting caught up cause i only check this subreddit once a week and she looks like 3 cup sizes bigger in this pic than any of the other ones. I remember stuffing my bra when i was like 14, but uhh,... Late 20s is a bit old for that now

  16. I definitely think that the whole family has a very toxic attitude to fitness, lifestyle and physical appearance. I feel there is this underlying idea that if you're not athletic, successful and "beautiful" it's because your character is lacking somewhat. They don't seem to have any empathy for health issues in general (and mental issues in particular): the only acceptable way for them to tackle a problem is to push through it, whatever it might be. Or run for the hills and ignore it completely (see Emily rn). Imo Liz is totally caught between rebelling against this model (by eating junk food, being chaotic, ridiculous, etc) and seeking praise and acceptance (by trying to be a fit girl, pretending to be successful etc)

  17. Wait what's Emily avoiding now 👀👀 i unfollowed her a few years ago, so I'm out of the loop

  18. I think also the idea behind the show is not just "bad guy who did bad thing" but "bad guy who did a ton of bad things that had a lasting and profound negative effect on history and society". ER is awful and may he rest in piss, but dudes like him are more common than we care to admit, and he's only really notable for the one act of violence iirc.

  19. I’d argue he is also significant for the copycats he has inspired and the figurehead position he occupies among incel culture, but I take your point.

  20. Yeah i get what you're saying but i think he tends to be more symbolic than an actual blueprint for how to commit mass acts of violence. I'm not too tuned into incel culture but that's the impression i get

  21. She needs to touch some grass and go to therapy, this is honestly so pathetic and sad. There's more to life than CICO

  22. It's just a corny ass humblebrag. I suspect a lot of influencers are out of touch enough from normal people that they think gaining 2% body fat makes them JuSt LiKe Us. They need to touch some grass or have friends outside of fitness to check them on this bullshit.

  23. I don't know the exact term but looking up "scalloped lace" brought up some similar results.

  24. Idk if that's true, being a "DJ" and having people pay attention to her in real time might inflate her ego more than her pretending to be a fashion designer and dropshipping AliExpress bullshit.

  25. If i were gonna drop $650, I'd get actual quality jewelry lol, this is just one financial step up from a F21 haul imo. Realistically though she probably just wanted to shill the promo code

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