1. It developed over the last few days. Will do a bigger water change and add some nitrite/nitrate/ammonia remover media to the HOB filter Thank you for replying

  2. The most likely cause is your water parameters, so that's where to start trying to address the problem. Dosing extra with Prime won't do anything beyond removing chlorine and chloramine from the water. I would be doing larger water changes, as ideally you're keeping ammonia at 0 if for no other reason than trying to keep nitrites at 0. You can trying adding a low concentration of aquarium salt, it helps reduce nitrite toxicity.

  3. Thank you very much. I'll try some API aquarium salt, and continue with larger water changes.

  4. Just stressed.lower the lights for a day and give it some time to adjust to the new tank!

  5. That's a possibility. I would give him some time, right now I don't think he's displaying any symptoms that we are able to treat for. Maybe his tank at the store was unsuitable, maybe he's stressed or got injured during the netting/transport. Definitely keep me updated on his condition :)

  6. Yeah, they had to be pretty vigorous in catching him at the pet store, might have bruised a bit. Seems to have adjusted pretty well today. He's eating the flakes I sprinkled in, and swimming normally, no gasping, or herky jerky movement. Many thanks!

  7. I believe Charlie is a female. If you notice a large bump forming on her forehead, it's a male

  8. Beautiful rescape, looks very wild and natural. I have a 55g that could use this treatment too. Mine looks crappy and contrived lol

  9. Haha your reference is correct, good Sir/Madame... He might actually have committed some murders in the first tank I had him :/

  10. Just tested ph at 7.0-7.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 0-5.0 Temp 78 General Hardness 180 Carbonate hardness 0-40

  11. Definitely C. trilianatus and not C. julii, but still beautiful!

  12. You are welcome! Mine were labeled julii as well in the store and as far as I know, the actual species is actually rarely sold.

  13. My last cycle took 5 weeks to get passed the nitrite phase, and I used probably 5 16oz bottles of fritzyme 7. Only thing that really works is time. Ammonia was 2-3 weeks.

  14. Im very skeptical of fritz cycling juices. I'm not sure if bottled bac is able to colonize in the filter quick enough to handle ammonia or if it just stays in the water column and temporarily does it's job.

  15. Thanks a lot. It's only been about a week, needs more time. I've got Dr. Tim's ammonium chloride, will let it work a while longer, then see how it handles an ammonia load. I've been hoping to get some fish by end of this week, but will hold out if it's still not cycled.

  16. The loachy dance! I've got 4 of them, was worried when I first saw them do this, but after about 6 weeks, they're doing fine :)

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