1. I think I’d rather James start shutting up. He keeps putting himself on a pedestal, boosting his ego. He needs to chill and be humble for once in his career

  2. So we should not have ANY sort of relationships shown in movie cuz exposing them to straight relationships is also exposing people to sexuality.

  3. Love the jokes, but fr pneumonia absolutely sucks. Had it three times and it got worse every single time

  4. Keep yourself clean primarily your hands. Also the flu is a big cause for pneumonia so make sure to get a flu shot regularly. It’s not a 100% safety seal but it lessens the risk.

  5. Ready Player One is somehow one of the greatest crossover movies ever, while not even being considered a crossover. The epitome of what video game movies should be like

  6. They will just blame the mcu instead of looking for situations don’t waste your breath on this folls

  7. This. There are so many aspects on why certain films don’t have an audience other than major competition.

  8. What is “Oscar-bait”? Is it when a film is really good and explores complex themes and the actors and directors actually look like they want to be on set and tell a real story?

  9. “Oscar bait is a term used in the film community for movies that appear to have been produced for the sole purpose of earning nominations for Academy Awards or "Oscars", as they are commonly known.”

  10. And most of those movies lose steam early in the race. Armageddon time is bait and it’s DOA. As is Amsterdam et al. Something like Banshees is not Oscar bait. It is a rather depressing film from what I’ve heard and it actually tries to give a heavy handed examination of relevant issues

  11. I’m not saying all these movies are Oscar bait, but i feel like a fair amount of the movies that are made that get nominated are purely for Oscar bait. And the unfairness at the Oscar’s when it comes to giving ALL films a fair shot is also another issue with the way the Oscar’s work

  12. Varys was the pawn to other people but on his own accord. He wanted to see the seven kingdoms the best king or he queen they would ever see in recent years. He wanted what was best for the people.

  13. The Gentlemen was incredible. Have it on dvd. Timeline is fairly confusing at times, but nothing I can’t completely figure out in due time.

  14. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the hype around avatar? It’s a good movie and all, but it’s not really revolutionary outside of the money making aspect, which is the hype I’m confused about. Doesn’t have much cultural impact. Maybe it’s cuz the more James Cameron talks, the more I think he’s an arrogant selfish asshole, continuously putting himself on a pedestal. Why can’t he just be humble?

  15. The story was “cowboys vs. Indians”…pegged it two minutes in and stopped paying attention to plot. Unfortunately, story is what merits repeat viewings for me, not cinematography.

  16. “Man being sent to colonize and hurt a certain group of people falls in love with someone who makes him realize he’s fighting for the wrong side” isn’t exactly an original concept either

  17. I knew I fucking recognized her. Let’s just hope this time there’s no moon doors involved

  18. Kinda like how people defend the greens in HOTD 😂😂

  19. Seems very American. But in my eyes Kiefer Sutherland looks exactly like Euron Greyjoy.

  20. But why not line up your infantry behind the spikey fiery trench you built?

  21. The problem was that it was just very unsatisfying for the viewer to see all his character development go down the drain and for him to return to square one.

  22. I think that’s more with the “never cared much for innocents line” rather than him actually returning to her

  23. Don’t let them google what a Sortie is

  24. If anything that’s one of the smartest strategies you can do in battle. It weakens the other teams army and defenses, and although it may weaken your defense as well, it gives the people on top of the wall an advantage to attack and shoot at the weakened army since they are distracted with others. They are defending their castle, as well as weakening the enemy team

  25. Marvel fanboy so obviously I’m excited. But it looks to be a stand-alone final outing so I have no doubts this movie will do great. I’m glad to see appreciation for superhero movie (at least this one) in these comments. Cinematic integration is key

  26. Looks awesome. Huge marvel fanboy so everything looks good, but this movie is number 3 on my most anticipated list for future MCU projects. $920m to $1b. Seems to be a stand-alone considering this is most likely their final outing, so I definitely think it’ll go all out and it’ll make a shit ton

  27. Hmmm. Unlike the trailers for the first two films, I'm not feelin' this one. This feels more like Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" than a Guardians movie.

  28. Probably becuz it doesn’t show much. Which is a good thing. Keeps the plot mostly under wraps and only gives us bits and pieces to build up our own anticipation over time

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