I almost had a heart attack

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  1. I think you should reconsider your assessment of the english language. Phonetics matter but not for the english language if you know what I mean.

  2. When you're spelling foreign words in English, you either spell it phonetically, or you spell it with the alphabetical equivalent of what is originally used.

  3. Correct. Just like foreigners in an english speaking country must follow a different set of rules than their english natives, so must foreign words follow a different set of rules to be part of the great english language. I like this "chain" of thought.

  4. That's why I said "hezzar". That's the word in Farsi. هزار.

  5. When you order was two quarter pounders with cheese, one whopper with cheese, and a small fry, but accidentally called an escort service...

  6. The Russian mob (or so I've been told) owns a bunch of personal injury rehab clinics up in the Baltimore area. It makes even more sense why, now.

  7. I really hope she's found safe and sound. It's terrible thinking about these kids being trafficked, or worse.

  8. I already do this. + I make around 12000 steps a day. I have mobility in my life despite my job.

  9. That's good! The number of steps you take a day is great. Just try to avoid sitting for as long as you do. It should help. The less your joints move, the more they start to ache and cause referred pain to other areas, like from the joints in your neck causing discomfort between your shoulder blades.

  10. Doing the wrong things makes things either no better or worse.

  11. You may be able to improve some thoracic extension, but is that going to affect your resting posture no probably not

  12. The best thing you can do for your posture is to move more. Moving your spine in the ways that one does on a foam roller gets one to move their spine in ways that don't otherwise happen. How often do people go into backbends on a given day? Not very often, but doing backbending and controlling your body while you're spine is back bending is good to help better educate your CNS as to where you are, how you're doing, and what you can reasonably expect of yourself. If you look at it like a learning experience, you can teach your back and body different ways to "be," and those become tools to help you live your life.

  13. 6 weeks. Not even 2 months. I don’t know what annulment is.

  14. It's a way of cancelling your marriage so you don't end up getting a divorce. It's like it never happened. It's less expensive than a divorce, but there's a time limit, depending on where you live. Google it for your area.

  15. It would have been way too funny and appropriate if ADHD awareness month started late LOL

  16. My wife was in a very similar situation, except she was fused from C5-7.

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