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  1. Chorus feels like it could be modern Matt. He has been keeping it simple and vague and letting the listener fill in the specifics from their own life experiences. Verses aren’t giving me National vibes though.

  2. I miss the days when he put more effort into weaving together a narrative and a more abstract concept.

  3. To me, the quality and depth of the music and lyrics is overall lower than before. A lot of it just sounds lazy and uninspired to me. It's not bad, but I get the sense that their energy is depleted at this point in their lives.

  4. One time I was watching a 60 Minutes segment about how doctors aren't compensated as well as they used to be for what is now expected of them and a family member's response to this was "Well then why would they choose to be a doctor? They should just choose a more lucrative career." Some people just can't handle the most basic critical thinking in understanding why maybe not everything in the universe should have to be about money.

  5. Murders between the cops and communists is all fine and dandy, but do you have any info on what the Iron Front, SPD overall, or the kpd did to fight nazis after the Reichstag Fire Decree? From what I can tell they either fled or appeased them. I'm interested to know what was actually done to resist fascism when shit got real.

  6. Your idea is generally correct. The KPD was more concerned with fighting the SPD than they were with fighting the NSDAP.

  7. What about spd? What did they do to fight the nsdap after the fire decree?

  8. By that point, nothing. They and the KPD were effectively powerless due to the legal forces that the NSDAP exerted through the decree. The major center and right parties then joined in passing the Enabling Act.

  9. The GOP is the official party of "LOL nothing matters ¯_(ツ)_/¯".

  10. This sub has been absolutely taken over in order to try and pivot to more anti-communist than anything else. I’d bet my nut none of y’all have any clue what marxism or communism actually are.

  11. I wish I was intelligent enough to have said this myself. I really hope that doesn't make me one of the aforementioned "average person" in your comment though lmao

  12. Thanks! I don't mean it like that. I'm an average person. Anyone you meet is an average person. I just meant it in an aggregate sense.

  13. Yes. Though to my knowledge it has never been done before.

  14. This. It's really something that they formed our government as a republic and not a direct democracy because they feared the stupidity of mob rule but now it's the rightist representatives who are making the common reasonable people look like absolute geniuses.

  15. Y'know, I was considering that after I posted my comment. You're absolutely right.

  16. I have family like this. They freely admit that they don't read anything of substance and then call a scientific consensus "a stupid theory" with absolutely no reasonable evidence beyond "the climate has a history of changing naturally".

  17. i guess so people who are younger dont click off as soon kinda like all of the family guy videos above mobile adds

  18. I feel like this kind of shameless exploitation of things is really going to catch up to us all someday.

  19. dude it kinda scares me. im 22 and ive watched some people who used to be avid readers and stuff legitimately melt their own attention span with constant tiktok zoomer bullshit.

  20. That's scary. Our world needs more thoughtful people, now more than ever.

  21. I'm with them ^ (and I'm not the only one). Read the rules. We love dogs here. All breeds.

  22. Smart missiles are different. They are able to build them fast enough to shoot 60-80 off every few days.

  23. Before you get too outraged please remember that this is in Arkansas, one of the least intellectually developed states in the nation. They score at or near the bottom of every educational standard.

  24. "Some...body once told me the world is gonna roll me. I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed."

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