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Daily Discussion, May 04, 2021

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  1. What’s wrong with the old pair?, still looks fine to me.

  2. List all this stats huh? You mean my waist size and age. This is where normally I would just block you but I find it interesting that you are still going on about this in a boot forum. This has really upset you hasn’t it? But if you want to continue send me a PM and you can vent there instead of shitting up someone’s post.

  3. It’s doesn’t bother me at all. You know I’m right so you won’t list your height and weight. “Zombie Nudist” - age 46

  4. You must be real fun at parties. Look through my comment history if you want. Lots of comments there. See if I slipped up anywhere. For someone not upset you seem to not be able to let this go. Have a good one.

  5. The hipsters on this sub seem a little to sensitive to me. Lots of lefty hipsters here I think.

  6. Well, from a quick look at your comment history, it looks like complaining about hipsters and lefties and insulting people is your sole activity on reddit. I guess people find different sources of joy in life. Good luck with that, I guess.

  7. Sorry you need grown up feet for this type of footwear.

  8. I would guess the vast majority of regular posters here are professional coders. And, a good chunk of us have read Gerard's blockchain book. Have you?

  9. Why would I be mad just because people pay a price of 100k/Butt to join a cult and Ponzi scheme. It's their money after all. But I can still find Bitcoin stupid.

  10. You don't have to mirror your feelings onto me, Mr. Coincel.

  11. Even if you were going to buy Bitcoin (I wouldn't be able to sleep at night because of the environmental damage and the Ponzi-like nature of the source of the money), you'd want to buy it when it's low and not when it's near its all time high. Bitcoin's extremely volatile and exists in a rigged market controlled by an exchange/stablecoin cartel so it will go down again, and then after that, it probably will go back up again unless the final Bitcoin crash is coming for this bull market. When USDT, USDC, Binance, FTX, etc., finally collapse, that's probably the end of the bull run and you could be stuck holding a -95% bag.

  12. So far you guys have been wrong for 10 years claiming it’s going to zero

  13. Wow more fake environmental concerns on this sub, none of you really care.

  14. Engineering improvements is vastly easier if the implementation is less complex. Per Satoshi “it never really hits a scale ceiling.” With engineering effort Bitcoin Cash can scale much larger than the visa network

  15. Nobody cares about shitcoin crash, bcash aka bitcoin cash. All you guys have going for you is bitcoin in the name.

  16. Why does Bch keep dropping in terms of market cap compared to other crypto?

  17. means a lot 2 me tho, i use to be mad but its going up. yeah i sorta broke bummed my life i use to be good

  18. maybe you should upgrade your career or get a second job instead of crying about crypto currency

  19. Yes but they cannot make up their minds whether they are particles or waves ...... just like bitcoin cannot make up its mind whether it is a currency or an asset ........ OK don't tell me its both.

  20. You don't know how much money I have. Have fun staying dumb.

  21. are any of you concerned that one wallet owns %28 of dogecoin?

  22. Btc is dropping because people are realizing how slow, expensive and inefficient the bitcoin network is, plus there are better options that do the same thing.

  23. Most people here recognize this and are here mostly for a store of value, not daily transaction. Just like how your 'better options" suck at storing value. It's relative to what you're looking for.

  24. Store of value that’s about to tank deep and become #2

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