1. its not getting a signal as the light turns orange on monitor and goes to standby mode.

  2. Check if you have an additional power input on the motherboard for CPU besides the 20 pin.

  3. This was actually the problem lol. I was dumb enough that didn't saw the atx 8pin. I Just pluged and booting the bios just fine. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Try clearing cmos. otherwise go back to basics reseat CPU try 1 stick Ram with all other peripherals unplugged.

  5. Is it a USB keyboard or can you try another keyboard or even another USB port for keyboard?

  6. Is it doing a mem check of the Ram during post? More Ram would take longer to check. Check slow/fast boot options in bios

  7. Make sure your power supply can handle it and has the cables for it. Besides that it will be like a new machine. you wont get everything that it is capable of as at some point the CPU will probably bottleneck, but coming from a 970 it will blow you away.

  8. Option 1 for sure. heat rises so fans at bottom are blowing cooler air into case and the heated air from radiators is being expelled. The case fan on the back of case is also blowing cooler air across the VRM's before being expelled by radiator fans. Even though you have more fans blowing out than in there is usually enough leakage for around card slots etc that it is not a concern.

  9. Cooler Master MASTERLIQUID ML120L RGB V2 65.59 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler 69.98 would be only thing I would change

  10. Glad that worked. That would have driven me nuts too as there is nothing in the motherboard manual about it. Asus is slacking, they used to list all the bios options in the manual

  11. check this out. think you might need to install these drivers

  12. Just dealt with same issue. I opened file explorer and went to c drive right clicked on all the folders to look at properties and how much space it was taking and found a install of a game that wasnt supposed to be on that drive. that was after using the tools provided to clean up drive which I am assuming you used.

  13. You still have a 1000 to play with right. for what you want to do you dont have to go to top of the stack but midrange. Just thinking if you went AM5 platform gives you alot of upgrade paths. If you want intel then go for it. Personally I dont worry too much about a couple percentage points difference as in the real world you dont notice it. Motherboards released so far are just the extreme editions. more affordable options are coming.

  14. looking at a open box RX 6800 16gb card on Ebay for buy it now price 400 + shipping. That is more than enough to play Warzone etc since I am doing that on a 2060KO at 1080p

  15. that is the vrm's for CPU on my system (ROG Crosshair V Formula Z) it shows up on T2 for Hwinfo. My solution was to point fan that is to the left of it blowing from outside in across the Vrm's. I have other fans inducing air into case though.

  16. How do you ‘point’ a case mounted fan in the direction of the VRM?

  17. Just have it blowing into the case instead of out of the case. should be able to determine air flow by putting hand in front of fan. normally that fan is used to blow hot air out of case but you can point it in.

  18. No way to get a 2x16 kit for the money? $120-130 for a Crucial 4800 CL40 kit (from any brand available)

  19. the idea on my part was to get lowest price available to move to AM5 platform and then wait for prices on Ram to drop and the 3D V-cache CPU to come out.

  20. If that's the case just get the cheapest, even an i3 12100 build would be miles better than any AM3+ build

  21. The idea was to move to AM5 platform as I wouldnt have to buy another motherboard and get several generations of CPU's that would be plug and play plus have all the newest features.

  22. Nothing now since the static electricity from your hand shorted through the pins. Just kidding but generally not a good idea with electronics to touch contacts.

  23. get a usb thumbdrive and borrow a computer to make a recovery drive. A friend or local library. just type MEDIA CREATION TOOL in the searchbar and follow prompts. If that is running a FX processor it wont have TPM2.0 and would not be able to install windows 11. Download the windows 10 version. once its done go back to your computer and stick it in a usb slot and start it up. If it doesnt start up from the USB drive you might have to go into the bios setting and make the usb the first priority on boot or maybe there is a boot overide option to run usb to boot.

  24. turns out the GPU power cable wasn't fully plugged in, it must've come out a bit when I moved my pc.

  25. Glad to know it wasnt major, guess it had enough power for desktop but load on GPU without extra power caused issue

  26. You might want to install hwinfo and set up log file to find out if anything is overheating

  27. I will have that a shot! I will say I have also tried another PCIe slot with no luck as well. The PC was off for a couple days between PSU replacement and new one being installed and booted up. Cheap GPU to test and then perhaps moving onto expensive mobo is looking like the idea path for parts replacement.

  28. one more thought. since you replaced power supply any chance you missed extra power connector on motherboard besides the 20 pin?

  29. GPU is officially the problem. Got my hands on a 1650, using the same drivers and was able to install them properly and keep video. Will be sent back to see if it can be repaired. 3090 lived a good life. Valuable lesson learned.

  30. was sorta afraid of that , thanks for letting me know resolution

  31. I would consider that a bonus, no annoying interruptions when I am trying to Frag people.

  32. The 2060 has a locked power limit so if your into tweaking your settings you might be able to get more out of the 6600 than the 2060. I have a EVGA 2060kO and not unhappy with performance but you cant seem to find a waterblock for it or push it as far as its capable because of the locked power limit.

  33. My guess would be a kiosk of some kind like the ordering kiosk at fast food

  34. The issue is I can't access the bios, it'll enter it yes, but I need a GPU to see what I'm doing lmao!

  35. Oh thought you had checked it with another GPU and it worked.

  36. What I meant was that I’ve tried multiple gpu’s in this system, all cause it not to post, yet all of these GPU’s work fine in other systems? 🤨

  37. not that I know of. Have you tried removing the battery to clear bios to factory settings?. otherwise if you cant get it to post with anything then could be motherboard cpu ram or even power supply partially failing

  38. If lights just flickered and the if power supply had bigger capacitors while there was not a power draw being requested by system then there could have been enough residual charge it the power supply that one system didnt notice it but the other system had lower end power supply and or system was boosting clocks to execute system and pulling more power it might have caused it to crash. A lot of variables involved. Personally I wouldnt worry about it

  39. get a 7200 rpm harddrive for right now. 2tb is only 50 bucks. can always add ssd or m.2 later if you come into money you want to spend. if you keep operating system on a 256-512gb ssd or m.2 the only time you really notice is a couple extra seconds loading into game.

  40. No it means something has changed in the customise settings in 3dmark but if you havnt changed anything then reinstall the drivers for the card.

  41. oh thanks. Might have changed something while looking at settings.

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