1. What are you getting from being a dick? Fuck off with your ugly ass attitude. Some people reach out for help and advice and fucks like you make it harder for people to reach out.

  2. It’s a legitimate concern though. If there are literally huge green patches then what would it take for them to consider it being trich if not that

  3. Yea cool I get that. But that dude didn't need to be a dick about it. We can educate one another without putting others down or being a dick. I'm done with this discussion.


  5. Post hot girl, put arbitrary title to sort of make it fit with sub. Get karma. Be a total loser. That’s all

  6. Yes. Fire. Fire everywhere. All of denver is now a bridge with a fire under it

  7. Thanks bro, it wasn’t on there immediately. So helpful bro. Appreciate it, BRO

  8. Yes they appear too dry, probably because you cut way to big of a X into the plastic. I cut matchbox sized X into my grow bags

  9. Yep, about 10x too big of cuts. They should only be like a inch or inch and a half

  10. Lol. What kinda shitty job is it where the only questions they ask is if you can work weekends or overtime

  11. Only time I go past 3 or 4 flushes is when I’m too lazy to make new tubs lol. Good for you tho

  12. I used the entire 10cc syringe in this jar. I was getting conflicting advice, some suggested half the syringe, and others suggested all of it. I gently shook it up after putting the 10cc in. What could you recommend I do differently next time?

  13. That’s a lot! I usually do 1cc per jar so I can do a whole pressure cooker run with one syringe. I wouldn’t go above 3 cc for one jar in the future. Looks fine so far (maybe bc your grains are a bit dry) dry grains are fine but will take a bit longer to colonize. Anyway welcome to growing mushrooms, I wish I could go back and see my first mushrooms again and feel like a mushroom dad for the first time!

  14. I have plenty of 64oz, but I plan to use them for my next grow to innoculate my grain. Ran out my 32oz jars. Just don't want to buy any more if it's going make a huge difference.

  15. Make sure you pc the shit out of the 64 oz ones, they will need longer than 32. Probably would make more sense to hit the store and buy more jars. I have like 60 jars lol. You can get a dozen at most grocery stores or wall mart for like 10-15$

  16. huh I always use cut up trashcan bags for liners, these parchment/wax papers work good?

  17. Nice I saw this and immediately was like this is how I prep my monotubs lol

  18. Oh really? It was defaulted at 130F and I felt it was too hot

  19. Maybe suffering from edema? Please don't judge these beauties

  20. I’ve always been curious about some of the freaks I have grown how they would isolate. I’ve seen a few posts of people cloning mushies that have gills on top or two heads coming out with some weirdos and some normal guys. SCIENCE BITCH

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