1. It took me a month. I thought I would need a week but I needed much longer, as my endo was everywhere. If you have a dog make sure you have someone that can walk them for you your first week. Start taking colace or a dietetic, the pain meds will make you constipated. You will get gas bubbles in your stomach, they are super painful. Best way to get around them is to look up post surgery stretches on YouTube. Ones as simple and stretching out your legs. Walking a little bit every day helps. Alternate between ibprofen and Tylenol, and take your pain meds on top of that. Get lots of sleep

  2. Me!!!! It got worst after my lap. But going to pelican pt has helped. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night having to go anymore

  3. It took me 2 months to start feelings more human and be able to move again. My pain increased significantly after surgery. Worse endo pains, consistently. The endo essentially got worse as did the symptoms until I went on Orlissa

  4. There’s a brand of jeans called JAG. I cannot suggest them enough. They come in a ton of different washes and styles, and have a stretchy band like a maternity band, but they don’t look like it. You would have no idea that are so comfy and bloat friendly. Highly siggest

  5. I had to stop after a month for this very reason. I would cry when I was happy. Get so angry at the smallest of inconveniences. It was no way to live.

  6. Like I don’t even know why I feel so enraged. There isn’t a reason. But my endo is debilitating (even post lap) so I need to be on it to live and work

  7. You get to the hospital, check in, they put you in a pre opp area where you get socks, comfy scrubs and a warm blanket and just lay down and chill. They will probs give you something to calm your nerves. Then your doctors come in, they will confirm like 5 times the purpose of the surgery. Then they wheel you into the operating room and less then a minute later you are knocked out from anesthesia. You wake up in recovery, still groggy. On the ride home have a towel to put on the seat, so you might have some vaginal bleeding. And a pillow to put between your stomach and seat belt. Wear a super lose dress. The worst part after is the gas, so ahead of surgery start taking colace and other things to get gas and stool moving. The constipation is real. You will sleep a lot. Recovery took me 3 weeks. Lots of checkups with your doctor. Lots of slow slow walks to the mailbox or little stretches in bed to help with the gas.

  8. Okay but I have the same issue. Upper and lower abdomen bloat. No period via continuous birth control, had lap in September. I’ve been doing accupuncture which helps a little with the pain. But the past couple days my bloat has been off the walls

  9. No help but I saw Oralissa and it caught my attention. My OB prescribed that for me and I only took it for 2 weeks. It made me so angry! I couldn't handle it and it wasn't fair to my kids. It was bad bad. Did it bother you like that? Wondering if I'm just a freak.

  10. Nope. It def bothered me. But luckily it’s just me and my husband so when I would get really upset over something dumb I could remove myself and like go in the other room etc

  11. wxnr says:

    i just started taking it almost a week ago. when you first started, did it make you feel sick and just off all the time? i’m not sure if im actually catching something or it’s the medicine messing with all my hormones. i’ve been anxious if it’s going to stay this way or if it’s just because i started it.

  12. So at first I did feel a bit off, had night sweats, and was super super emotional. I’d cry or start an argument with my husband over the dumbest things.

  13. Too many buttons. Try a more simplistic/ basic top. But the colors look great together

  14. I call it the ‘4Runner with braces’ even though I own one. Love the Army Green (my current color) but I used to have Blizzard White Pearl that I felt looked cleaner/better longer after a wash.

  15. Dang I just bought this is store 🤦🏼‍♀️ and the price adjustment process is so annoying when you bought in store

  16. I got a popover dress, Sheridan top to wear to work, swing dress, Winona dress and Sabina skirt

  17. The hotty hot high rise long skirt might be a good option. It has less flow to it and seems more conservative. Also I have bigish thighs, and the pace rival skirt is comfy on me. I would go try it on in person, even if it’s the normal pace race just to get a feel for the shorts underneath. You can always cut them out. But it think the extra Long would be super cute for a cart girl.

  18. You can do it! I am in sales and have had the struggle of “do I have the energy to do my job, can I do the career I love, to push myself”. But the answer is- yes you can. Just make adjustments. Give yourself grace. I legit add a nap to my workday to get through.

  19. Lol Literally came to basically say the same thing about the waistband. Such a shame 😫

  20. What’s wrong with the waistband? The color? Or is there something annoying about it?

  21. Walking 12-3-30 on a treadmill. 12 resistance, 3 speed, 30 minutes. I modify it for sure, but it helps me a ton and I break a sweat. Yoga as well/ looking up stretches to help with pelvic pain.

  22. This exact thing happened to me. Not with a cyst, but I had surgery and 2 months later my endo pains were worse than before. My endo leads to fatigue, stomach pain/issues etc. It’s become worse than ever.

  23. Go to a store and try on different joggers/leggings/shirts. Figure out your size and the styles you like. Then keep an eye on the sale section online for what you like when it goes on sale. Or buy the ones you like in like a black that you’ll get a ton of use from

  24. Look up a TENS machine like OVIRA (this has worked well for me), hormone therapy like Orlissa, progesterone birth control like Slynd, heating pad, cbd. My endo got worse after my excision surgery. The hormone therapy has really been helping me and allowing me to live my life. Light exercise (yoga or walking) helps if she has the energy and can push through the immediate pain.

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