1. I saw O.A.R. cover this years ago and it was surprisingly good, for a fairly cheesy band they cam correct on this cover

  2. Haven't listened to em in forever, I just remember that cover being solid live.... Over 15 years later and still remember it being dope

  3. Damn yall were acting like this man was the truth not but like a week ago, now yall sending him out on a rail... lol..... maybe Jamal Murray and KCP are just better than he is and he can't find buckets because he's being defended

  4. This is the first thing that I have seen posted on this sub that isn't bat shit crazy

  5. I don't get it, you can't be rich and want rich people to be taxed more? Who created that rule?

  6. Does anyone have any actual insight into why they aren't even put on the ballot? I've wondered for years how Green Day is in there but Phish hasn't even been considered. Seems odd that a band represented in the hall via the Hot Dog and has had the touring success and cultural impact isn't considered but a pop-punk band with a string of hits is in right away, no question. Green Day is cool, but think you could argue Phish is just as culturally significant. Seems strange.. I don't get it.

  7. lol This place man, used to be pretty trashy, the girls were fun though. The last time I went was a couple of years ago, you could still smoke inside, it was topless, the VIP room is just benches in a back room, they just had bottled and canned beer in freezers and not a wide selection or anything no liquor. The music is a mix of popular rap and 80's staple rock songs (pour some sugar, Metallica), and pop country music which is just awful. The place is really small too, I think it had two stages but they only really used one. The clientele is mostly people who stumble in after the casino, so it's a mixed bag. The bouncer guys are weird, the DJ is literally a dude sitting on a stool next to a touch tunes lol. Yeah, this place is not exactly upscale, as stated in other replies your best bet is Dayton, Cheeks, and Diamonds have been around for decades, in this region that's the best you're going to get. That said, NOT the worst strip club I've ever been to lol. good luck!

  8. Seriously these waiters are better people than me, there is no way I don't quit on the spot, fight someone, cause a scene... No fucking way... lol I've freaked out over way less overtly racist stuff... They are real ones for sure!

  9. The Megacorp pavilion in newport was a pleasant surprise, I saw a show on the outdoor side last year and it was awesome!

  10. It's not wonderful. The poor are still poor, just moved to a new neighborhood. You are the quintessential classist YIMBY

  11. All that nonsense about voting fraud, literally passing laws to make it hard for black grandmas to vote and it's always some privileged middle-aged white asshole who actually commits the crime of voter fraud.. pathetic

  12. funny story, my brother was banned for life from AAA roadside service. no idea why, so it's a short story too.

  13. did he use his towing miles allotment to get free rides home when he was drunk....I've heard that'll do the trick to get banned with AAA LOL

  14. Love this movie, ridiculous fight scenes, thought so at the time this movie came out but I remember this being a decent movie.

  15. March First, FigLeaf, and Woodburn breweries. All owned by a Trump donor.

  16. As someone who has lived in IL, OH, and OR I take offense, The Rock Hall in Ohio is actually one of the few national attractions that's worth it in Ohio, I suppose only if you're a fan of the General Rock genre through the years. In Chicago, the Bean is kinda whatever, it's cool but the park that houses the Bean is Top FUCKING Notch as far as American Parks go so no dice there, and in Portland, Voodo Doughnuts... yeah that shit is overrated, Blue Star is way better, and there are a ton more attractions in Portland like the whole state is pretty much a National Park, Mt Hood or Multnomah Falls are better to check out for sure

  17. Senator Curz known for his truthfulness & honesty. LOL I hear Chuck Callesto is also reffered to as Who the Fuck is Cuck Callesto LOL all around to this one

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