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  1. Not gonna lie, even after buying and holding GME for two years and now on the bbby side quest, I was shook on Friday. I thought we got fucked by extreme dilution, letting shorts off the hook.

  2. Reverse psychology rug pull? Who would even write it

  3. If they see someone heading for the exit, and only one gets out alive, theyll all turn against each other

  4. Go read over the equity deal with Hudson Bay, in 3 months look at the outstanding and tell me there is no dilution 🤡🤡🤡

  5. Your proof that something has happened is that it could happen? Im no lawyer but your logic is flawed

  6. And you get to do it in another job again and again. Of course they never learn.

  7. And main dood at Credit Suisse last name is Lehmann. 🤣😆

  8. Well they need to do something to look out for their investors, instead of nothing.

  9. Theyre not doing nothing, theyre turning the company around and making it profitable. Thats the #1 priority

  10. you're going to get me hard and then just stop like that? tell me anything about Ryan Cohen or the moon, I'll make sandwiches after

  11. Im living my life and then one day I should be rich. Im not desperately waiting on a payout because we dunno how long its gonna take


  13. Tbh I actually forgot about Gamestop for a minute with all these bank dominos starting to fall

  14. But you just did the same thing that you're accusing me of. I said he had disagreements with the "direction of the company." Not that he literally had disagreements with the board or the whole company. What I'm saying is his beliefs on the direction of the company has changed.

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