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  1. Everyone else getting a bunch of alerts about the market bouncing back up like crazy? Tread lightly.

  2. I'm gonna need Stafford to throw for 250 yds, an INT, and jeff wilson please get a TD. Oh and Rams win.

  3. If there is anything to be learned from 2008 it would be that Lehman chose to talk about its strong position in the market until the bitter end and that people believed they had a great position in the market until the bitter end. There's a lot of similarities to Lehman and Credit Suisse right now. It doesn't mean that they are going bankrupt. But it's very plausible, and I think everyone should learn from the past and be willing to consider the implications if they did go under

  4. And what would you say are the implications? What would this do to the market?

  5. That guy has step dad energy. His names probably earl.

  6. I was offered Edmonds and diontae Johnson for Aaron Jones.

  7. Just decided not to start Edmonds. Now i undecided

  8. Just decided to try and trade him away. Might wait one more week.

  9. Prior to Robinson getting shot AG was all but officially the backup, he was working with the 2nd unit in practice and was returning kickoffs. After the Robinson injury and his return, i’m not sure, but the vibe I do get from coach speak of the 2 is Rivera favors Robinson over AG..

  10. Add that he has a great story now. At the very least the front office will be pushing for him to get the start asap.

  11. 2-0. Went zero RB. Kupp and diggs saving me so far.

  12. I have Diggs. The blood of my opponent will flow like the river of ancient Babylon.

  13. Just need him to crush one week so I can fool some poor fantasy manager getting desperate after a slow start to the season into giving me their second or third round pick in a trade package. Looking around at the TE landscape, perfectly fine starting Zach Ertz/Gerald Everett/Dallas Goedert every week over hoping Kittle will play and be effective in 13 games this year.

  14. At least you’re not a pineapple pizza freak.

  15. So everyone picking today to air their grievances? Like everything hasn’t been losing except betting on shit to lose?

  16. Damn. He was stealing a mirror off a porche.

  17. Pretty sure he mouthed words fuckin asshole

  18. Weird how that these billion dollar companies keep having these “oopsies”.

  19. He used all the buzz words. Forgiveness, illegal, immigrant, families and pronouns.

  20. The amount of dragonfly’s is too damn high

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