1. Then I'll take a Rick fuck down with me. Won't limit to breaking a jaw

  2. Strange how both involve Chelsea.... Seem to attract a type

  3. Are you still wound-up after he threw the pennant over his shoulder?

  4. Roman vs Rock does not need to be for the gold so him dropping it to Drew seems reasonable with Kross going into Drews first feud, as for Roman lets face it he can survive with not much to do for the next few months

  5. Roman vs Rock is not even confirmed. What if Rock can't perform?

  6. It's not throw away to the UK. If you think Drew winning in front of a stadium crowd who's probably 100% behind him is a throwaway, what's not a throwaway outside of mania?

  7. Plays like this is exactly why the game is almost dead. Imagine waiting for minutes or just jumping in a game and the whole round is over in seconds.

  8. Why not mandate every pl stadium to have their roofs covered with solar panels?

  9. Not sure how that would help the efl clubs this is talking about

  10. Every bit of energy saved helps. Pl clubs can afford it. A bit of a that energy can go towards the efl clubs.

  11. I wonder if the bs Paul Pogba is involved in right now is the reason Florentin moved to India, to put some distance between him and the problem

  12. i really hope they don't rush through this Bloodline/Sami story. It's so fucking good

  13. I mean, at the right angle and deep enough you rub the cervix...

  14. So if a sufficiently powerful freezer is developed which can almost insta freeze us, its possible?

  15. Always has been and it's still true today. See Ricochet for a perfect example.

  16. Look at the losers who downvoted you. The difference between him and Rey Mysterio is the exact point of the argument.

  17. If it should take 5 days each way, why is it a 42 day mission?

  18. At the same time, homogenization of game technology across the industry is a double-edged sword. We've seen it with Chrome & the influence Google has over pretty much the entire internet, from intrusive DRM to proprietary frameworks that screw over competing renderers. And that's not even counting the leverage they have from their web services like YouTube and Google Search.

  19. What's wrong with a mandatory egs launch as long as it's not an exclusivity deal?

  20. Victor thought he could cook. But being spotted at Gale’s place was his undoing.

  21. When I was 24 I started dating a guy who was 39. 42 years later we are still going strong

  22. Wow you are older than my dad, who's 8 years older than my mom, who's 30 years older than me

  23. I'm mad with Rahul Gandhi's weakness as an opposition leader so I'm joining bjp

  24. "You sure to have a lot against African countries, maybe there is some certain motivations for that."

  25. Who do you think trained the Taliban and armed them in the first place?

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