1. Took a shot in the dark....only Hi-Fi store closed its doors last year due to the pandemic.....Took almost 6 months,reading on alot of forums to figure out which Intergrated tube amp to get,along with some high efficient speakers and stay with in my

  2. Might try making up a GND wire and attach it to one of the outer screws that hold the plate amp to the sub..Then take the other end and attach it to the GND on the Yamaha. I've had to due that with my tube amp to a pair of subs and all is quite.

  3. Sounds like a plan. I tried to use a mounting screw, but the screws mount a plastic flange tot the unit, so I'll have to pull the whole back off to get to a ground plate. No time right now. Will let you know if I'm successful. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Id go for the new has lots of adjustments to Bring out the VM540ML

  5. Id say with a good preamp to go with the PC-2002M that would be the one to go with. Great frequency response and distortion with 240 watts and who doesn't like big VU meters 👍

  6. Those VU meters are so good. I hear the amp doesn't need a preamp but should look into that. Any suggestions on what might pair well?

  7. Its a power amp and not an Intergrated....not really sure on a preamp,never had to shop for one..I've always had Intergrated or a receiver. I'm sure someone else has some opinions on one.

  8. Funny you should mention that..I went to the same High School as Sharon Tate, but it was about 13yrs later.

  9. Seen someone else post about him..and had to post up this song from Nilsson Schmilsson

  10. Motor may need oil. Spindle may need the same. I'd clean the motor pulley with denatured alcohol. I had a PL-50 one time and a new belt was thicker, changing the effective drive ratio and speeding up the records. No one believed me, but it was true. After replacing with the proper thickness belt, speed returned proper.

  11. Thank you, I will look in to this! What was your reasoning for ditching the PL-50?

  12. I also have a Sony PS-4300 automatic direct drive and sold the Pioneer to a friend.

  13. Not sure what size woofer it has...can't find anything on Google about them. Might have been a rack system. But if you know the size of the woofer,I'd contact

  14. Just like John mentioned can use a high level to low level converter with RCA outputs,that will work if you don't have high level inputs on a sub. This works great for vintage amps and tube amps that have no sub out.

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