1. Meanwhile the economy was great and the jobs were great and the cost of living was great. But concerning anarchism, I'm reading a book on the history of Conservatism which covers Liberalism, Marxism and perhaps accidentlaly Anarchism. The founding fathers wasn't what I thought it was. Jefferson was a looney Liberal, the Articles of Federation hardly federated at all, there was a war between being different to England vs copying its rights and freedoms. And the tug of war of ideologies, the attempts at the banking systems, its all a mess. No one got their way. We have 2 houses of Congress but an executive which was meant to be a sort of elected temporary Monarch. A Constitution which was been now interpreted completely out of shape. We had a slean slate and could have made anything possible. And we got this. To have someone who didn't break it further should be acknowledged.

  2. We are talking about people who are so rich 99% of their money could be taxed and it wouldn't really affect them the only thing that would be hurt is their ego.

  3. You really don't believe that those rich people have their net worth in bills of dollars somewhere like Uncle Scrooge, right?

  4. Hadnt your ancestors worked hard in the sweatshops when they were 8, in the 1800s and saved money for future re-investment you wouldn't be here with all the fancy tech, you'd be living like they did without toilet paper and working in a sweatshop.

  5. In the book at this part he is talking about a broader socioeconomic scale, arguing that democracies with their low time preferences and high spending have unnatural elites. He says before WW1 when most of Europe was monarchic and America had less corporatism, natural elites still existed and were to a lesser degree paid by the state. But with the spread of democratic voting, the weird “one big happy family” of the elites and the state transformed from kings and natural elites of actual dignity into prime ministers and their crony unnatural elite friends. It’s an excellent book well worth a read or listen

  6. You should look into the Icelandic Commonwealth, Cospaia, and Acadia next. Much more successful, wide spread, and longer lasting than Kowloon.

  7. I am in love with Acadia, it's shame how it ended. It was working perfectly, why didn't those people raise a private army to defend themselves from the British? It was a wealthy anarcho-capitalist interracial paradise.

  8. Depends on the day. I am usually ancap but sometimes I see people doing some reaally dumb shit, and I think "nah, this cant work, right?" And I get minarchist. But then I remember that it depends on the society and how educated is the common man.

  9. The problem isn't the enforcement of the law, but it's how ridiculous it is. Laws are basically threats," if you do this, we'll kill you".

  10. I don't think it's immoral to choose which slave owner will rape you, because that way you get to choose the slave owner that will least do so per x amount of time. Democratic party will rape you 5 times a week. Republican Party will rape you 4 times a week. The Libertarian Party will rape you once a year.

  11. u are mixing shit, voting to leave a gulag is not the same like voting for president, in the first case u retain decision power on the second you're transferring decision power by designing a representative without any contract. I know this is hard to understand for many because even Toom Woods dont get it.

  12. My guess was that the founding fathers didn't trust government so they coined the term "In God We Trust", like an opposition to the State.

  13. E pluribus unum was originally the marking on the money. Out of many, one. The in god we trust wasn't added until 1957.

  14. So you are tempting people to be a free lance State enforcer and for the worst of the State, the freaking DEA? Why is this shit here?

  15. Do you think it's immoral to work as a bounty hunter for the State to catch criminals who violated property rights?

  16. What they mean is it’s 2 hour long parody of a Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson podcast episode.

  17. What are you talking about? When? Where? And how are they going to enforce this?

  18. Look up "Mental Outlaw" on YT. You are right and you'll thank me later. Don't use windows, use Linux. Use an Android that is de googled The rabbit goes really deep when it comes to opsec.

  19. Why the hell do Europeans always say "HOW something looks like"??? It literally does not make sense.

  20. You sir are a genious. Now, no one will dare to tell you anything or to stop your business, even cops won't.

  21. "That pope is the representation of the devil in the house of God" Javier Milei

  22. Imagine thinking that something that is the exact opposite of capitalism... Is capitalism

  23. The catholic church submerged Europe into 1000 years of socialism and poverty.

  24. In medieval Europe, the church and the state were closely linked. It was the duty of every political authority -- king, queen, prince or city councilman -- to support, sustain and nurture the church.

  25. Wtf, why did you put Christianity at the start? Do you realize that Jesus was killed by the local police department and Christians were prosecuted by the state for 300 years, and that all atrocities related to it happened after the State nationalized the religion?

  26. Dont worry once he starts getting a lot of Benjamins, you'll be interested in him again

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