1. Treat them the same as other patients, then when you get off shift you call your closest nurse buddy and bitch and rant and rave about it on the car ride home. That's my go-to. It helps to have a fellow nurse friend who can just let you vent, who understands the hows and whys. Get it out of your system and then just let it tf go. Noncompliance is super frustrating, I get it. It gets easier to ignore/tolerate as you go on in your career. Water off a duck's back. It'll get better.

  2. I agree. And I do, normally. I feel like I've been complaining so much lately, I wanted to expand my venting to others and give my friends and coworkers a break from my negativity and cynicism. Lol. Just spreading the joy

  3. I think the way you said that is great, I'd love to have that memorised for when I encounter one of these pretentious wankers in the wild.

  4. Same, I'm tucking that one away just in case I need it for later use. Brilliant.

  5. Meh. So desensitized after 25 years of seeing this crap. I'd make sure the OR was ready though, 'cause that's usually where we're headed with patients like this.

  6. Wait, wut? Grocery store music is supposed to be old boring crap or nostalgic crap targeted at old people (like me lol). They play good music at your grocery!??! Jealous.

  7. Unfortunately I am in the pickles are gross camp

  8. Nothing wrong with that. My SO and children are all anti-pickle. MORE FOR ME. ;)

  9. Aw, thanks y'all. Also, please understand that I do get that healthcare in the US is not a right, and people do sometimes neglect their health because they can't afford or access care. This post is not directed at people who can't access/afford care (that's another rant entirely...stupid US healthcare system...). This post is directed at people who can afford and access it and choose not to. Just wanted to make that abundantly clear.

  10. *nurse busting in* And please, for the love of all that is holy, people, follow your damned doctor's orders. Don't quit meds that have been prescribed because you "don't like taking them." Don't use google (or reddit or facebook) as your source of medical information. Don't skip yearly physicals because you "feel fine." Lots of health conditions are insidious and can sneak up undetected. I can't tell you how many people I've taken care of with BP and cholesterol off the charts who were still actively smoking but never went to the doctor because they "felt fine." Yeah, you feel fine until you DON'T. Medicine has advanced in a lot of ways, but we aren't gods or magicians. We can't fix something that has done lifelong damage with a pill. Be an active participant in your wellness. Get checkups. Take your meds. Take care of your body. Don't ignore things until it's too late.

  11. The most chilling comment I find in all of this is the husband saying "she had a rough morning but snapped out of it pretty easily." That is some chilling foreshadowing right there.

  12. Yeah, you don't usually say "snapped out of it" for physical suffering. Sounds like she said things the family didn't approve of.

  13. And to be that callous about it. The woman lost a baby and her LIMBS. I think she's entitled to have more than a few "rough mornings" without being expected to "snap out of it." But I also consider women actual humans with feelings and rights, not just walking incubators. There's the rub, eh?

  14. Bold of them to assume I GAF about whether or not the "fat community" hates me.

  15. Do you think it really happens a lot? Because I have my doubts. I’m sure it happens occasionally, but I bet the overwhelming majority of times it’s just fat people not wanting to hear the truth.

  16. A lot? Hmm. IDK. I have personally witnessed lots of size bias in my long career as an RN, though. It's definitely there, that's for certain. I can name 2 cases immediately where the patient's size led to misdiagnosis that became life threatening. One led to death (that was a coworker). So. Yeah, it absolutely 100% happens, which is a problem. Does it mean the medical community should stop emphasizing healthy weight? No, absolutely not. I don't think "fat acceptance" is the answer, but we do need to acknowledge that there is a problem within the medical community to blame weight first and ignore other signs. It happens.

  17. That’s not really saying anything.. all sorts of things get misdiagnosed with really unfortunate outcomes. The question is does it happen at a significantly higher rate in fat people? Anectodal stuff like “I personally saw someone get misdiagnosed and die” does not contribute to evidence that misdiagnosis is unique to fat people….

  18. We have always gone by the premise that our son has to function in society (per his desire, and he's level 2), therefore he needs to be able to do things like hold down a job, interact with law enforcement, etc.. He doesn't get a free pass to run roughshod over people's boundaries just because of autism. We don't ask him to be Emily Post, but we do ask him to be respectful of other people, as much as he is able. He's not the only person on the planet.

  19. Really like the idea! Just tidy it up the edges a little and it'll look so much cleaner 😊

  20. *laughs in bariatric surgery patient* Sure, bud. Go ahead and try it. Tell me how effing easy it is to battle food addiction and face those demons and make the CHOICE to eat healthy when all you wanna do is dive into the carby, fatty yumminess that is sitting in the pantry? Tell me how easy it is to get those muscles when walking is a chore in the beginning. Yep. Sooooo easy.

  21. Exactly. I purposely don't eat for 14-18 hour stretches at a time. I must be super human.

  22. To be fair, people do vary. Like, remember when thigh gaps were all the rage in the early 10’s? Some people have pelvic and leg bone shapes where that’s just much less attainable. Body types are real. It’s just bullshit that people can’t obtain their own ideal fitness and that “95% of people scientifically can’t lose weight”.

  23. Exactly. I have a damned thigh gap now. I'm still overweight and have 15lbs. until I'm at a healthy BMI. My thigh gap has nothing to do with anything but my skeletal structure.

  24. All I took from this: There's a 20g protein spinach milkshake recipe!?! HMU, man. I need that.

  25. I think if they want to, go for it. I've worked with a lot of awesome LVNs who could definitely pass RN boards and I've been cared for as a patient by LVNs that were more knowledgable than their RN counterparts.

  26. L&D nurse here. Yeah, lots of nurses I have taken care of delivered before 40 weeks. No, lots of them did NOT deliver before 36 weeks. No, we did not have a lot of nurses rolling up into triage ready to drop a baby right there.

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